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Some of the best movies are arguably military related movies (Fury, Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, etc.). Whether they portray a story in a hair-raising likeness or get you so motivated you run down to the recruiter’s office — we can all agree the WORST, I mean the absolute worst person to watch these movies with is a vet.

My wife hated watching military movies with me when we first started dating because I’d always make a noise or comment on the outlandish things that Hollywood would put in movies. Now we are at a point where she actually asks me if something would actually happen. Take for instance The Hurt Locker, at no point would a soldier ever leave base like that. The military requires scripts be approved too before they help in any way. So how did such an obvious, “that would never happen” moment make it?

Now, most vets will not voice an opinion while in a theater, but you can damn sure count on a nudge with a head shake and a facepalm. I say most because we all know that one person who no matter what will talk during the movie in the theater. It is just like that one person who is on their phone.

An upside you could take from watching movies with a vet is that you’ll know what is real and what is not. Uniforms are my biggest pet peeve in movies. Literally, everything you would need to know is a google search away. You can find every article on what can and can’t be done yet some productions just can’t seem to get it right if it slapped them in the face. Let’s look back at The Hurt Locker for a prime example. Just look at the picture! Not only do they have multiple types of camp as his uniform, but they couldn’t even use the RIGHT STUFF FOR THE TIME! They put him in camo that wasn’t even in use yet. As a matter of fact, let’s just chock The Hurt Locker up as an L for Hollywood as a whole. That movie was more of a laugh than anything else.

For me, I start my nitpicking at the uniform because it stands out the most, followed by what I would call mannerisms (saluting, gestures, physical acts etc.), then lingo. Let me just remind you that, “Over and out”, IS NOT A THING! So, unless you want to irritate your vet friends I do not suggest using it. I wouldn’t say watching a movie with us is a bad thing per say but you do need to be thoroughly prepared for a myriad of comments on things that would never happen.

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Angelo Pisa

Angelo Pisa

Angelo grew up in California before enlisting in the United States Army in the summer of 2013. After an unfortunate injury, he left the Army in December of 2014. He now spends his time running two growing businesses and is in the process of starting another. His hobbies include sports, anything automotive and firearms.
Angelo Pisa

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