Modernizing the US Army? Not Anytime Soon

Modern Army
DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon, U.S. Air Force. Source: WikiCommons (Released)
Plans to upgrade the Army’s capabilities are slowly disintegrating, according to an article in Forbes. Cancelled projects since the release of the modernization plan 8 months ago? A bigger, better troop transport (can you say keep squeezing into the Bradley?), a more agile scout helicopter, a new communications network, an air defense system, new armored vehicles… the list goes on.

[quote_simple]”The Army’s ground-combat arsenal today looks surprisingly similar to what the Reagan Pentagon thought was needed to fight the long-departed Red Army.”[/quote_simple]

Since the Reagan era, things just “keep getting in the way” when it comes to updating the Army’s capabilities. Personnel reductions, shifting priorities, budget changes, politics, and indecisive leadership has paved the way for continuing degradation. Watch for the last General Dynamics tank plant to be mothballed soon. What’s next?

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