Military Spouses- Tired of Not Working?

If you are a stay at home spouse/parent and looking to earn extra income, these are some of your best options.

Being a stay at home spouse, both male and female, can be extremely monotonous. It’s difficult to spend so much time job hunting without ever getting a call back due to the amount of people constantly getting laid off from their jobs, and businesses being shut down due to economic issues. Being employed overseas is even more difficult than trying to find a job in the States because you have to go through the Human Resources Office (HRO) to apply for any job on base.

Working from home has become widely popular amongst groups of military spouses, and these are some of your online options as well as selling programs you can commit to. These are not scams, you can work your own hours, and you don’t have to leave your house which is especially helpful for spouses with young children that don’t attend school. – A Site for Freelancers

If you have pretty much any talent, want to work your own hours, and get money dropped directly into your bank account, sign up here right now! It’s free to sign up, you build your profile until it’s 100% complete, then begin applying to any and every job that you want to.

Work at HomeUpwork is a site for freelancers. Therefore, the job opportunities are endless. To list a few, you can be a freelance writer, a web, mobile, and software developer, a designer (photography to logo designing), admin support, customer service, sales and marketing, IT and networking, legal, translation, engineering, and accounting. All of these categories also have subcategories if there is a more specific job you want.

Basically, any job you want you could potentially get after setting up a profile. After that, you start making money! Upwork deducts 10% of what you make in order to keep their huge site running. You’ll have to provide a W9 and your debit card information, and that’s basically it! When you get paid, you select “get paid now” and it will transfer directly. This is a great site for anyone ready to dive into the freelance life. Click here for all you need to know.

Are you a starving model, photographer, or artist?

Model Mayhem is another free site, just a little bit harder to get accepted into. You make your money off of this site by finding other people in your area that you want to shoot pictures of, sell artwork to, or model for. You can get paid for shoots if you are a model, or do trade shoots to build each other’s portfolio.

You have three shots to get accepted into this site, so if you are one of these artists, make sure you fill out a realistic application and submit high-quality photos. If you don’t get accepted the first time, see where you went wrong and start the process over again here. Remember, it’s all about safety on this site and you should always be careful with whom you share your photos with or who you meet to do some work. Always meet in a public place and bring someone you trust if you’re uncomfortable.

This site is unique and displays an array of talents from all over the world, and you might be the next one! If you have a passion for any of the above jobs, apply now, start socializing with people, and get to work!

If you’re more hands-on, do you have a niche?

Hobbies can easily be turned into jobs. Do you love animals and want to pet sit? Do you do yardwork well? The opportunities are endless. Whatever talent you have or skill you’re ready to jump on, there are a million ways to begin the process. These days, with everything being on social media, it’s easy to be accommodated to.

Home WorkingIf you go to your local yard sale Facebook pages, you’re bound to see people posting that they make signs out of tin or wood, candles, crafts, are certified babysitters from home, or are boosting their Facebook photography page. Think about it hard, is there something you are really good at?

A small startup business with a little research on marketing can turn heads quickly and put cash in your wallet fast. It’s as easy as creating a Facebook page specifically for your hobby and starting out by marketing to friends and family. From there, you can create a website for your business for free like this, or you can pay for more expensive sites to get traffic flowing faster.

With this technology age, you can even sell your goods on popular websites such as Etsy or EBay and make a lot of money from home doing what you love. The options for these type of jobs are endless, you just have to be passionate about what you do and pursue it into a cash cow.

Last but not least, pyramid scheme jobs.

These are a hit amongst so many military spouses. That’s why with these you need to be careful. If you’re reading this, you probably know at least one person that sells Scentsy, ItWorks products, Shakeology, or Pure Romance (just to name a few).

While these can be perfect jobs for people who enjoy constantly hosting parties and depending on hassling people to buy your products via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there are downward slopes to all of them. First off, you start off at the bottom of the pyramid under thousands of other sellers, and you have to work your way up by constantly hosting these parties and trying to sell the products.

However, on the positive side, if you are awesome at being social and you’re a very popular person in your neck of the woods, these jobs will be a breeze for you. If you have a large network and a huge friends list, you were meant for jobs like these. The more people that buy your products, the higher you get in the food chain, and the more money you make. Plus, you’re always getting free products from whichever company which is a huge bonus. Whichever one you decide to do, you have to find another seller locally and sign up under them. They basically become your mentor. Then, your job is to find people to sell under you. Again, a big hassle, but it can have the potential to make you a lot of money.

If you are tired of your daily routine- cleaning, cooking, groceries, etc., you might want to spice life up a little bit and gain some independence back. If you love your role as a stay at home spouse and/or parent and don’t want to work, that’s completely fine too! If you start to feel confined, these are some places to get you started and potentially make a lot of money off of.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Natalie Applegate

Natalie is a freelance writer working for multiple websites and is a devoted military spouse to an aircraft electrician. She started in New Mexico then moved to Okinawa for six years, stationed on Kadena where she began her writing career. A mental health awareness activist, she has spent much of her time volunteering with combat vets and writing their stories.
Natalie Applegate

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