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Military Bases with US Patriot Tactical Stores

In our previous article we discussed the top five cities for veterans to buy a home. While our website allows us to reach service members and veterans across the world, we also have over 70 brick and mortar stores for those wanting a hands-on experience.  If you choose to live in one of our top 5 cities – there isn’t a US Patriot too far away.


Two of the cities on our previous list were located in the Sunshine State – Tampa (ranked number 1) and Orlando (ranked number 3).

US Patriot Tactical has two stores located in Florida, both in the western portion on the breathtaking Emerald Coast. One of these stores is located on Eglin Air Force Base and the other is located at Hurlburt Field.

aircraft in Elgin AFB
Aircraft receiving maintenance at Elgin AFB – sourced by

Eglin Air Force Base

Eglin Air Force Base can be found in Okaloosa County, Florida and is frequently visited due to it close proximity to the white, sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. This installation is famous for being the largest Air Force Base on earth, embodying a total of 640 square miles. 

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Hurlburt Field

Hurlburt field is just 11 miles from Eglin Air Force Base and has about 8,000 military members stationed at its location. It’s known for being the 1st Special Operation Wing, as well as the headquarters of the Air Force Special Operations Command. 


Our 2nd place city was the famously weird capital city of Texas – Austin. US Patriot Tactical has a store in Austin – one of many in Texas as US Patriot Tactical has more stores in Texas than any other state. The Lone Star State boasts a total of fifteen military bases – seven of which have US Patriot Tactical stores close by. If you’re looking at living in Austin, your closest stores are at Camp Mabry and Fort Hood.  

Camp Mabry
Camp Mabry – sourced by

Camp Mabry

Camp Mabry was founded in Austin in the early 1890s and is the third oldest military base in the state of Texas. Its significant for many reasons but two major reasons are because it’s home to both the Texas Military Forces and Texas Military Department. 

Fort Hood

Fort Hood is located in Killeen, Texas and is the origin of the United States 1st Cavalry Division. A lesser known fact about Fort Hood is that in 1958, Elvis Presley was stationed here during his time in the military. 

North Carolina

Coming in 4th on our list was Raleigh, North Carolina.  When you think about North Carolina, it’s easy to think about the stunning Appalachians on one end, or the gorgeous beaches on the other, but if you look in the middle, you’ll find Fort Bragg, one of the most important Military Bases in the country that is home to another US Patriot Tactical store. 

Fort Bragg post card
Fort Bragg Post Card – sourced by

Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg is located in Cumberland County, North Carolina, which is about 50 miles from Raleigh. Fort Bragg has a population of over 50,000 personnel, making it the largest military installation in the United States. Read more about Fort Bragg in our blog post that explains Everything You Need to Know (and Love) About Ft. Bragg.


At the end of our list was the western town of Scottsdale, Arizona. Arizona is known around the world for the Grand Canyon, but it also has seven military bases. You can find a US Patriot Tactical at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and Fort Huachuca. 

Davis-Monthan AFB
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base – sourced by

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is located in Tucson, Arizona and was named for two pilots that gave their lives in service during WWI. This Air Force Base is popular for having the largest aircraft boneyard in the world. 

Fort Huachuca

Fort Huachuca is located right outside of Sierra Vista, Arizona and is just 15 miles from the Mexican border. It was established in 1877, was once used as a camp for Buffalo Soldiers, and is now one of the most significant military installations in the Southwest. 

Final Remarks

As you can see, US Patriot Tactical has stores across the country. 

For more information about our other store locations check out the location page of our website.

We ship our products all around the world, so no matter where you call home, be sure to check out our website for all your tactical needs.

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