Michigan Judge Ties the Score 1-1: Hindes’ NDAA Update

Sanity appears to have a statute of limitations in Michigan. The same judge that ordered Matthew Hindes to appear in court in June (but later rescinded the order) has now ordered Petty Officer Hindes’ daughter to make an unscheduled visitation with the young girl’s mother.

HindesHindes, a US Navy Information Systems Technician (SS) petty officer serving on a submarine in the Pacific, and his attorney originally invoked the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to keep the judge from handing the child back to the mother who had lost custody of her daughter. The judge had originally threatened to have custody of Kaylee given to her mother if Hindes did not appear in court while his submarine was deployed.

In a ruling on August 4th, Judge Noe ordered Kaylee Hindes to go to her mother’s for an unscheduled two week visit before her father returns from deployment. In addition, Noe also ordered Kaylee’s stepmother to remove notes and photos from her Facebook page that are related to the custody case.

Without going into too much information about this case, what is happening to this family already facing the hardship of a sailor’s deployment is criminal. The mother lost custody of her daughter after pleading no-contest to charges of child abuse and neglect. Kaylee lives with her father and step-mother in Washington.

Even though greater protections are working their way through Congress, this situation is being pushed forward before this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) can be ratified by the Senate. The NDAA states that deployments, both current and upcoming, cannot be considered in a child custody decision. Although the bill passed the House in May, the Senate has yet to take it up.

Even if they do, it will be too late to impact this court’s decision. The attorneys for the Hindes’ family have appealed the ruling, but there has been no information on what effect, if any, the appeal will have.

The time has come, as Servicemembers and veterans, to add our voices to the plea for Kaylee to stay with the family she knows and that has not abused her. By pushing her agenda when she knows that Kaylee’s father is deployed, Angela Hindes is showing her true colors to the world. A decent person, a caring mother, would want her child back without having to resort to legal tricks and causing undue hardship on her daughter’s family.

It doesn’t cost her a dime to keep up these antics; at last report she still owed her original attorney money for the work he had already done. If she has paid him, I think it would be a good idea to find out how. If there is outside money at work here, the supporters of Petty Officer Hindes should know who is bankrolling this person’s attempt to destroy his family. If she has a court-appointed attorney, I would suggest they quit wasting our money and do some real work.

If you want to show your support for Hindes’ family, they have a Facebook page, as well as a change.org page.

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3 thoughts on “Michigan Judge Ties the Score 1-1: Hindes’ NDAA Update

  1. Thank you for your informed insight.
    Since you have no obligation to investigate or report accurate information your story falls into the same trap that has been perpetrated by the current wife of Mr. Hindes.

    The request for modification to visitation was initiated in Aug. 2013
    The court ordered the two parties to resolve this by themselves or the court would intervene. Both parties had come to a workable solution BUT the Lawyers at the time refused to signoff.

    As far as the original Lawyer that Angela FIRED – his lack of protecting her rights from the original decree ( visitation agreement ) has in part lead to the current issues.
    Failure to pay him for his inept service is a precursor for other legal recourse.

    AS FAR AS THE SCRA issue that is the basis for the public outcry –
    It is the duty and responsibility of the SERVICE MEMBER – to submit to the court proper documents on a timely basis ( before court action unless emergency deployment ) Mr. Hindes has been involved with the proceedings since Aug. 2013.
    Court date was set for March 2014 – postponed for 2 reasons –
    His attorney delivered a child – and Angela delivered her son.
    At that adjournment a court date was scheduled for JUNE 2 2014

    Mr. Hindes was notified and would have been required to request the SCRA before that date.
    His request was dated JUNE 3 2014 from a location outside the U.S.
    His Lawyer did not properly notify the court OR submit the SCRA until JUNE 18 2014 AFTER THE UPROAR FROM THE CURRENT WIFE who was required and requested to allow visitation and who has publicly challenged \ defied the court.

    It is our belief Mr. Hindes was not aware of the actions his current wife intended to take once he was deployed.

    The underlying issue is VISITATION modification from 3 days per month at a demanded cost (by Mrs. Hindes ,but allowed to within the guidelines of the visitation order) to Angela of up to $2500.00 per visit to a more reasonable summer visitation that was being negotiated.
    As far as Mrs. Hindes issue with Angela’s past and any SAFETY issues – Mrs. Hindes does not know ( and should not ) what programs Angela has participated and completed – the court does and will protect both parties involved.

    If you have not already surmised, I am involved, since Angela’s son is my grandson and Angela will be in my family for a long time.

    I proudly sign my name
    Bruce Goshorn

    1. Mr. Goshorn;
      I appreciate your interest in keeping the facts straight in this case. I also understand the devotion a person would have for their grand-child.
      My confusion lies with why you are addressing these issues here and not with the media outlets that are reporting them?
      I have made no claim of not being biased. I served in the Navy and understand the hardships that can entail. Especially if someone twists the law to suit themselves. My writing is based on those experiences and is not ‘hard news.’
      If you want your side to be heard, I would suggest approaching the news outlets that have run the initial story.
      However, that being said. I will do the best of my ability to verify your comments and update our readers. I would also be happy to speak with you about the situation.


  2. Matt
    Thank you for your time.
    The family decided not to reply to the main stream media at the time Mrs. Hindes went public- knowing she would say and do things that would be detrimental to their case.

    I decided to make my comments known thru this blog as it is not main stream but may have the intentions of being unbiased if the facts would be known \ verified.
    Would you have reported \ written the story if both sides had been available for verification?
    Your readers are of a select group that would understand truth\honor when presented.

    Your professional background warranted the highest consideration. Thank you for it.

    It is also because this blog is from military background that I commented. Who else would understand the hardship DUTY has on a family but HONOR must even be held above duty. When honor ( to ones self, family, profession) is the foremost -duty will be easier.

    Honor is the character that makes the whole stronger and avoids the destruction from outside.
    Truth is a requirement to have honor.

    Angela has made errors in her early life, even though the reported results of these errors are of record – the record does not and would not have the full truth.
    If investigation were to be done one would find that the record was due to a plea bargain by her lawyer and prosecutor that would allow her to be released from jail (placed in jail on accusations ) without the investigation from CPS and police being submitted. Which subsequently exonerated her from physically harming her daughter but since she plead the record is as it stands.

    She has worked 4 yrs to reclaim her honor and her rights.

    She does not hold anyone else accountable but herself and initially refused any help\support as she felt guilty for not preventing the abuse.

    This issue has been in the court for awhile and is only in the news now due to Mr. Hindes’s decision to pursue submarine duty leaving Mrs. Hindes for extended time.
    Michigan law does not recognize a step parent as custodial parent if the biological parent is capable – Angela would be under supervision from the court even though she has completed and went further than all court ordered activities.

    Again this was only a visitation change. Visitation a right that was never taken away from Angela.

    Again THANK YOU for allowing me to post and say my piece.

    Bruce Goshorn

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