Looking Ahead to 2016

I really dislike this time in our nation’s history. I do not mean just what is presently going on within our political structure. I dislike that very much, but I dislike even more the political process that is taking place and has been taking place for at least the last decade, if not longer. I really dislike the idea of anyone spending, at a minimum, two years running for the Office of the President of the United States of America.

I am living in my fifth decade, yet not quite fifty years old. I was a toddler when President Nixon resigned under the Watergate scandal. I remember vaguely President Gerald Ford, at least while he was in office. I remember more about President Jimmy Carter; mostly, I remember the vividness of the November election night in 1980 when he was defeated soundly by the next President, Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan really became the Commander-in-Chief, in my eyes, as he proved his toughness under fire through the assassination attempt on his life by John Hinckley, Jr. in March of 1981 on his 69th day in office as President of the United States, or POTUS. At 70 years of age, President Reagan proved his resilience not only to Americans, but also to the rest of the world. (On a side note: guys, it is not okay to try to kill someone to prove your affections for a girl, no matter who she is.)

Vote 2016I remember President George H.W. Bush, or affectionately referred to as Bush 41. I know what ‘Read My Lips’ and ‘A Thousand Points of Light’ are really about even when I watch ‘Saturday Night Live.’ I remember the peaceful transfer of power to President Bill Clinton and his campaigning on the ‘Arsenio Hall Show’ where he played his saxophone and ‘The Tonight Show’ with his ‘I did not inhale’ comments.

I recall the transition from President Clinton to President George W. Bush, also known as Bush 43. I wasn’t sure about him as our Commander-in-Chief until September 12, 2001 after seven months in office. I knew then why, even through the court battles over the election processes that saw to his election, he was the man God ordained for the most dreadful time in this generation of our nation.

I, of course, also remember the campaigning of our current President Barack Obama. Unfortunately, from my perspective, I see little hope and a lot less change, at least a positive change for the majority of America. He does not deserve all the blame, but as the POTUS the buck should stop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This is why I hate this season of our American life every four years. I hate it because what used to take a few months now seems to be at least a couple of years. I am not naïve enough to believe that the campaigning has morphed over the years from being a quick decision to become a candidate in January and then running through the primaries until summer hoping for the party nomination. I do believe that with development of the 24-hour news cycle and constant embedded coverage that the public campaigning must begin earlier and earlier.

A first term President only has about 18 months to prove his or her salt before starting a re-election campaign rather than being the leader we all need them to be for the entire four years or more, if we choose.

I would rather focus on living a better life in 2015 and helping others rather than waiting to hear who is running on the daily news. As I write, I believe that there are, at a minimum, six formally announced candidates from at least two parties. There is no doubt that many more are to come. I would rather discuss the basketball or even hockey playoffs, the upcoming NFL and or NBA drafts, and the MLB season that has recently begun than even think about the political climate of America.

When 2016 comes and there are way too many candidates to choose from, I would still much rather discuss those things, plus the Summer Olympiad or even the weather. No matter who is elected as our 45th POTUS, I pray that they work diligently to unite us because ‘United we stand and divided we fall.’

God Bless You and God Bless America.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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Those are just a few things that could generally describe Bergen Mease. However, more importantly he is a Believer in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He is a patriot of the United States of America that comes from a US Navy family. He lives with his wife and children, whom they are raising with conservative leanings. He served as a law enforcement officer and more recently as a law enforcement and emergency services Chaplain. His mission is to write about topics that will make everyone think about how they treat others both personally and professionally.
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  1. Well said. I am just as concerned day to day that the Office of the President is using the Justice Department, IRS, Alcohol, FBI,Tobacco and Firearms, Border Patrol, the Office of the Surgeon General and others as a political arm and has staffed these government services with people willing to do his unlawful bidding. There is a meanness to their actions against Americans. Their professionalism is weakened or is non-existent and the essential impartial distance of these agencies no longer exists. Who investigates the government if they have lost the perspective of their purpose and co-opted their office. Shame on them. We are at the point that each of these agencies is more about doing to us than for us. When a government acts in this manner, there is no law. Fascism becomes the order of the day.

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