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Why can’t we seem to follow instructions? As I have on a previous occasion, I am writing again while attending my daughter’s softball practice. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm from most of the members of her team. However, there is always one or two, sometimes even three, that just make it difficult for almost everyone else at practice. In a group the size of a softball team, that can become the difference between winning a championship or sucking eggs in last place.

These are the girls that can’t follow the most basic instructions given by the coach. This requires the coach to continually repeat himself, taking more time and requiring more attention to a mundane detail for simply one or two, or even three. It becomes a drag for the other girls and they quickly become bored. Heck, as a parent, I get bored with it.

The basic problem, as I see it, is that these select few just don’t seem to listen. The coach gives a clear set of instructions, which is the first thing he does right. Then he initiates the command to execute his instructions, the next thing he does right. There can be several girls in succession that are able to complete the drill as the coach clearly directed. However, the few that cannot comply simply ruin it for the rest of the team, and then if they play that way in a game disaster can strike.

Listen SideThis softball situation could be a metaphor for life. It can easily apply to every team scenario that I can think of. If you do not listen, comprehend and comply, disaster will strike. I did not say it might or may strike; disaster will strike if you do not follow the guidance and instruction of your leaders. This applies in the life of a student or a professional. This applies to an inmate or a free man. This applies in the business world. It applies to the public servant. It applies to a civilian as well as to someone serving in the military.

I believe that it especially applies to those who are serving in the military and public safety. I believe that anyone that has to rely on others for their safety and protection, or to complete an assignment as part of a team, must take this question and concern into consideration. When the lives of others depend on you, who are you depending on?

Are you depending on the half-listening little girl who cannot seem to listen and comprehend the instructions of the coach? Are you following the lead of someone who isn’t fully involved and engaged in learning about the specifics of an operation?

The only correct answer is not to follow, but to lead. I did not say command. I said lead. You can be a leader no matter what position you have in the conga line. If you listen and learn, you will know the steps to the dance. If you know the steps to the dance, then if and when necessary you can lead.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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