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Let’s Settle Two Insults at Once in North Korea | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

Let’s Settle Two Insults at Once in North Korea

By now everyone has heard that North Korea got their collective panties in a wad over The Interview, a satirical movie about an assassination attempt on Kim Jong-un. I am not a movie critic, but this is probably the most noteworthy event to ever happen to a Seth Rogan movie.

The InterviewSony claims they spoke with the federal government before deciding to cancel the release; the President said they should have talked to them first, and the rest of us are left wondering why a pissant little third world country like North Korea is allowed to pull any strings, let alone get a major movie studio to pull a movie. Even a Seth Rogan movie.

It comes with the territory, but whenever a media industry bows to pressure from an outside group such as a foreign or domestic government, a religion or even a group of well-meaning busybodies who think they know what is best for our collective enjoyment, it gets my hackles up. I take my First Amendment Rights seriously. Especially when that pressure comes in the form of threats.

I couldn’t care less about this movie; I might have watched it when it hit cable TV, probably not, but now that we know, or at least the FBI and the president, have told us the threat originated with North Korea and that it amounts to an attack or threatened attack on American assets, what should this country do about it?

North Korea has long been an annoyance; the leader of the country is a buffoon and they have threatened us and our allies with conventional and nuclear attack.

And they still have the U.S.S. Pueblo.

USS PuebloThe U.S.S. Pueblo, an electronic intelligence ship, was boarded and captured by the North Koreans in January 1968. During the attack on the American vessel, a ship of the North Korean navy opened fire on the ship and killed one of the crew. The North Koreans claim that the Pueblo was in their territorial waters, but, similar to the situation in the South China Sea today, there is a difference between what North Korea claims (50 miles) and what International Territory Limits (12miles) allow.

The captured ship and crew became the center of an international incident for 11 months before they were released. Because the sailors did not have time to destroy all of the classified information and equipment on the ship, North Korea gained an intelligence bonanza from the Pueblo.

We have the perfect opportunity here. The North Koreans still have the Pueblo and they need to be shown their proper place in the world. Since it would be frowned upon if we turned the country into a parking lot, they should return the Pueblo to the United States.

Failing that, we should take the only active duty U.S. Navy ship in enemy hands away from the gangster regime that currently lurks in Pyongyang. If Kim Jong-un wants to threaten and “play above his league,” he deserves whatever happens to him.

Update: It was reported on Monday that North Korea’s internet is experiencing major problems. Good for them. Maybe we should offer to fix it if they return Pueblo to us.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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  1. Instead of invading Iraq maybe we should have just dealt with China and N Korean instead. I am confident we will roll on ourselves and urinate as typical of this Administration.

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