REVIEW: Leatherman MUT EOD

You get all the standard things like pliers, a knife, and bit sets. Okay, maybe not so standard as the pliers have replaceable cutting blades made from 154CM which Leatherman says, “will keep its edge three times as long as traditional stainless steel.” According to the almighty Wikipedia, “154CM is a type of stainless steel developed and manufactured in the United States by Crucible Materials Corporation (now – Crucible Industries). Crucible 154CM is a modification of martensitic stainless-steel type 440C to which molybdenum has been added.” Designed for cutting detonation cord, the cutters are also concave for cutting smaller gauge stranded wire without messing them up. A set of small crimpers sit at the bottom of the pliers below the hinge. Hidden on the side of the pliers is a #8-32 cleaning rod/brush adapter. When the tool is completely folded closed you can attach a cleaning rod to the tool so that it becomes a handle. Rounding off the pliers is a set of cap crimpers for you frog men or demo guys out there.

The knife is half straight blade straight and half serrated. Made from 420HC(High Carbon) stainless steel which is highly revered in the industry. Below that is a saw, also made from 420HC, which is by far one of the best out there. It just simply works. I tested it on some one-inch branches and cut them down in no time with ease. The last tool on this handle is a bit driver. Integrated into the opposite handle is a Philips/flat head combo bit and a torx/allen combo. There is also a smaller Philips/flat combo stow away. The bits lock into the bit driver with a detent so they don’t fall out.

One of the lesser needed tools for the average individual is the C4 punch. If you’re smart though, one may see a C4 punch while others see not only a C4 punch but a window break. Continuing on the same tool side is a bronze carbon scraper. Definitely handy for cleaning bolt tails and carriers. Bronze os softer than steel and will not damage your weapon leaving you a deadman walking. Doubling as a bottle opener is a carabiner located at the bottom of the whole tool. Now this is where Leatherman crammed a whole lot of awesome into one spot. Ever have a jam so bad you couldn’t even free it with the charging handle? Me either but stick with me here. What you see as an obvious seatbelt cutter, Leatherman has said was also designed to be a bolt override tool. Nifty for darn sure if the occasion ever arises. Lastly is a hammer. Yes, a hammer. I’ve used it multiple times to smack those outrageously small Ikea nails into furniture since using a real hammer is just ridiculous.

The tool comes with a carrying case that has MOLLE on the back and a 3/8-inch wrench and front-sight adjustment combo tool. Weighing in at just over 11 ounces this tool is a must have for your setup wether every day, in your range bag or on your kit. You will not be disappointed, especially at a MSRP of $169.95

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