Last-Minute Military Christmas Gift Ideas

Been putting off that Christmas shopping? It’s understandable. 2020’s been one doozy of a year, and we’ve all had more pressing things on our minds. Thankfully, we have a wide range of last-minute military Christmas gift ideas for the serviceperson or enthusiast in your life, all available at the click of a button—or, if you’re old-fashioned and prefer to shop in person, at one of our many locations

Remember, last-minute purchases can still make lasting impressions. From so-ugly-they’re-hip sweaters to military-themed stockings and novelty shot glasses, there’s plenty of unique products that would all be welcome additions under any Christmas tree. 

Explore some of our top-selling gifts below and then get to shopping. 

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Tactical StockingSpruce Up Your Mantel with a Tactical Stocking 

Need a spot to store candy and other small holiday treats ahead of Christmas morning? 

Look no further than the Osage River Tactical Christmas Stocking; a welcome addition to any military serviceperson or tactical enthusiast’s mantelpiece. Available in five different colors—black, khaki, Multicam, olive drab, and orange—the Tactical Christmas Stocking is sure to grab attention, and maybe even a few laughs. 

With the wide range of colors available, the stockings are easy to personalize. Here’s an idea: you could get one for each member of your household, fill them with small gifts, and then set them out on Christmas Eve, when everybody’s fast asleep. 

Made out of durable, abrasion-resistant 600D Nylon (the same material used in military rucksacks), this ain’t your average Christmas stocking. It’s got all sorts of nifty features, including: 

  • A side zip expander 
  • MOLLE webbing 
  • A utility pocket
  • Two swivel carabiners 
  • A reinforced, heavy-duty handle 

Best of all, at around $20 a pop, they’re super affordable. Get yours today. 

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Benshot GlasswareBring New Meaning to the Phrase “Shot Glass” 

ben shot glassHandcrafted by a father and son team based in Wisconsin, BenShot glasses are a surefire delight for aficionados of fine wines, liquors, and all manner of beverages. 

These “bulletproof” glasses are unique conversation pieces that incorporate real bullets into the design of the glass. 

.50 BMGs, .308 calibers—the genuine, lead-free bullets integrated into the glasses’ design will not come loose, and do not compromise the integrity of the container. Plus, the glasses are 100% safe for drinking, with no gunpowder or any other harmful substances involved. 

With wine glasses, pints, shot glasses, rocks glasses, and even patriotic, laser-etched specialty glasses available, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

As the BenShot team likes to say, everything tastes like freedom when you’re drinking from an American-made BenShot glass. Order one for the hunter, military servicemember, or law enforcement official in your family now. 

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Patton ClausKeep Things Merry & Bright with an Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Ugly Christmas sweaters never go out of style. (Some would say that’s because they were never in style to begin with!) But that’s not the only reason you should invest in one of our ugly Christmas sweaters. How often are you going to come across a sweater that celebrates Christmas, Santa, and one of the most revered generals in American military history—all at the same time? 

If you’re on the hunt for a funny, memorable Christmas gift, then get the Patton Claus “Ugly Sweater” long-sleeved shirt today. Available in that iconic Christmas red, this 100% cotton “Ugly Sweater” is comfortable, breathable, and sure to leave a lasting impression. 

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Want more last-minute military Christmas gift ideas? Pay a visit to the US Patriot Tactical location nearest you. Merry Christmas!


NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

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