Jade Helm Comes To an Anticlimactic End

The storied Jade Helm exercise came to an end on September 15, bringing to a close a confusing chapter in US military relations with the public. Initiated two months ago, Jade Helm 15 was to be a multi-state exercise to test the capability of service members from all four branches. With activities occurring across seven states including Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida, it would prove to be more challenging to reassure the populace than to actually perform the exercise.

Beginning back in March, when operational imagery was spread through social media outlets, people started responding. In the slide show presentation, Texas, Utah, and Southern California were listed as hostile, and likely enemy territory. New Mexico was depicted as unknown, but likely to be leaning towards the enemy. Conspiracy theorists went crazy.

The Governor of Texas, George Abbott, called forth the State Guard, a local militia to stand by and monitor the federal government activities. Predominantly heard from the Lone Star state, many Texans declared the operation an official declaration by the government of an impending takeover. Never mind that this type of operational training has occurred numerous times in the past without incident, the tin foil was out, and people began to yell.

Governor Abbott directed his Guard to ensure that the “safety, constitutional rights, private property rights, and civil liberties not be infringed.” Republican Louie Gohmert demanded that the operational graphics be changed, stating that “Obama  [believed] that major threats to the country include those who support the Constitution, are military veterans, or even ‘cling to guns or religion.’” Chuck Norris even lent his opinion, questioning those responsible for the planning of the exercise.

Jade Helm MapSo after eight weeks of continuous training across seven states, what did happen? On August 5, for the second time, shots were fired in the direction of service members training near Camp Shelby. While no service members were injured in the gunfire, it was the second day in a row that the event occurred, and resulted in the detention of one individual. Notably on edge after four marines and a sailor were killed in July, the service members displayed restraint in their response.

One of the issues with combining rhetoric and social media is that anyone, anywhere, can create news. From stories about the building of secret tunnels, thousands of caskets, the preparation for martial law, and the seizure of privately owned lands and weapons – this news creates a life of its own. When people fail to fact check, and simply spread rumor, it can catch like a wildfire.

Perfectly sane individuals were to blame for the conspiracy theory spreading. They reacted on emotion and hearsay alone, convincing others without the slightest bit of proof to back up their claims. For Texans, it is even worse. These actions do a disservice to Texans for this to be what their state gets remembered for during this time. Not only are Texans wonderful, hospitable, and hardworking people, but apparently they have to deal with loud, outspoken, conspiracy theorists who drowned out the more sensible people with their screams.

The saddest part about this whole fiasco is that, when all is said and done, all of the participants who exclaimed that the Federal Government was coming to take their guns and declare martial law, will somehow feel as though they resisted, and their articles were what forced the government to back down. Sanity, it seems, is hard to come by these days.

So here is a tip of the hat to all of the service members who took part in this challenging training event. In spite of crazed zealots, weapon carrying militia members, and protestors, they did their job effectively, met their training objectives, and demonstrated their capabilities with pride.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Kyle Soler

Kyle Soler

Kyle Soler is an active duty Infantry Officer serving in the US Army. He has served in the military for more than 10 years, working his way from an Infantry Squad Leader to a Company Commander with multiple combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan in between. Kyle earned his bachelor’s degree in History from Willamette University, and three Master degrees from Jones International University in Information Security Management, Health Care Management, and International Business. He also holds certifications in Six Sigma Lean and Six Sigma Lean Black Belt. His primary focus is realigning organizational priorities to get the most out of the time available in terms of training and development. Prior to entering military service, he worked as a fire fighter and an EMT. His areas of knowledge include military, training, leadership, disaster and continuity planning.
Kyle Soler

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18 thoughts on “Jade Helm Comes To an Anticlimactic End

  1. The Camp Shelby incident “shots fired at soldiers two days in a row” actually occurred on a county road outside of the military installation and is being attributed to a 61-year-old, ex-con who was deliberately causing his pickup truck to backfire within the hearing of some troops who perceived it to be gunfire. It has never been established that any actual gunshots were fired at Camp Shelby or at any troops thereon or nearby. The ex-con was jailed initially for disturbing the peace. It seems to me that you and news hungry press people are guilty of the same rush to judgement and conspiracy mindset you find so offensive in others.

  2. “Conspiracy theorists went crazy.”

    I’d question the “went”. The Jade Helm conspiracy theorists were as mad as a bag of bees to start with.

  3. If we had a white guy as President and that white guy was a Republican, none of this crap about Jade Helm would have ever happened. I would not have seen an American citizen stand in a public meeting and tell an officer of the United States Army that he, the officer, was lying about the exercise. When has it become fashionable to vent racists motivated speech at soldiers who are doing their duty to be prepared to defend these same dickheads that spout this insanity. And why does the “silent majority” just sit passive and not call these nut jobs out and show just how insane they and their ideas are? For my brothers and sisters on Active Duty – drive on and always remember, the vast majority of Americans are grateful for you.
    When the enemy is at the gate, it is the soldier that is called on, and the American service member has always answered to the point of that full measure.

    1. I’m a 20+ year veteran. I still haven’t heard a good explanation how training within the friendly United States is good for special ops that will be operating in hostile foreign countries. Of course, with all the illegals flooding thru, maybe it seems more like a foreign country? How does Texas and Arizona compare to Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Ukraine …. just trying to think of countries we might go to war in. It’s not that many Americans’ don’t support the troops, but in this day and age of ever expanding federal gov’t and encroachment on Constitutional rights, we all should cast a suspicious eye upon what the gov’t is doing. I remember gun confiscation (with the help of the US military) from good people down in New Orleans and it’s that kind of thing people worry about. Go ahead and question your gov’t, criticize it, be suspicious of it – those are the rights you were fighting for!

      1. So where would you suggest they train? If you really are a veteran you’ll know that doing the training in a hostile foreign country is a dumb idea, so if not in the USA where should it be done?

        1. How about live training in Afghanistan? If not there, how about Jordan and Israel? Where have our special forces been training all these years prior to Jade Helm? I didn’t know it was broken? You know the sayin, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”…..

          1. “how about Jordan and Israel?”

            Jordan wouldn’t let you and Israel would spy on the exercise.

            “Where have our special forces been training all these years”

            In the USA. Are you sure you’re ex-army?

      2. Fight for the right to tell people lies? Your concept of “freedom” is as flawed as your sense of patriotism.

      3. I too remember Hurricane Katrina, Police set up- backed by Military personnel- road blocks forced the victims to return into the disaster area Super Dome to be raped, robbed, & murdered. Foreign contractor for Black Water patrolled the streets, Citizens were assaulted by the security forces on the ground and their guns were confiscated either by force or from their dead hands……am I missing anything?

        Too much caught on tape to call that one a “conspiracy theory” !!

  4. “Kyle Soler is an active duty Infantry Officer serving in the US Army. He has served in the military for more than 10 years”

    Another Neo-Propagandist throwing out “conspiracy theorist” left and right. I for one never thought there was any larger conspiracy of any kind, I just felt that it is nothing more than a “conditioning exercise” so that MOUT on US soil becomes a common and acceptable practice by US forces in the event they want to preposition “US Peace Keepers” to squelch civil unrest in any event the Government decides that is necessary (economic collapse, welfare reform, quarantine, blockades, suspension of the constitution).

    …….A true “Yes Man” to support his team!

  5. Some “conspiracy theorists” argued that Jade Helm might be more of a longer term pys-op, not martial law or gun confiscation at this time. Of course, it makes sense to exaggerate the worries of thinking people if you’re perspective is that our Constitutional rights have NOT been under siege for awhile. Speaking of these “conspiracy theorists” (of whom you cited none), the most influential one I can name is Infowars and Alex Jones. Alex Jones as you may recall appeared on Pierce Morgans ddomed CNN show and argued forcefully for 2nd Amendment rights. It wasn’t long after that Morgans ratings dropped into the toilet and his show was dropped. Infowars never argued it was about martial law or gun confiscation, but he did argue that it was another step toward an increased police state. The military folks might think this was a good exercise for them, but the Federal government watched closely to see the public’s reaction. It’s proper that the citizens maintain a skeptical eye on anything the federal gov’t does since they routinely try and interfere with our rights and freedoms. (SSG, retired, 2014)

    1. In that “interview” you talk about, it took Alex Jones all of 45 seconds to threaten physical violence to that limy brit. That is all you right wing neo-nazis do, make threats. That’s why the majority of mass shootings are done by crazed, inbred fox “news” watchers. The FBI stopped 2 separate plans by right wing “militias” to attack and kill US soldiers, who were convinced by that prick in Texas with that ‘Obama is coming for you’ propaganda.

      1. Your being misleading. Alex Jones stated that he would not peacefully give up his right to bear arms. That is not threaten Morgan, it’s just telling him not to threaten us gun owners with confiscation. I too would warn anyone who threatens me that their act of force will be met be superior force. The majority of mass shootings are done by crazy people who are usually on pycho drugs. You parrot another myth about Fox News and Conservative people. People like you are very weak intellectually and fear those of us that are not Democrats or Progressives. We are onto you.

  6. Funny, for as much as the right wing republicans talk about how they support the troops, all they do is talk. This is proof-positive that the fascist mindset of the American Taliban will use any means to gain support all whilst lying through their teeth. When the next revolution is upon this once great country, it will be the radical right wing hypo-Christians who are rapping and murdering… I just hope the military will fight for the good, and not for the power.

    1. I served 20+ years military. I am Conservative/Republican. The majority of the people I knew in the military were same. Unlike progressives, we actually have been there and done that.

  7. David, Truth Teller is just a paid Troll or Government shill.
    I served as an Infantryman in the US Army 30 years ago. We trained on US soil but on military installations such as NTC at Ft Irwin, I was stationed at Benning so it was constant training there. We did not train within towns and cities trying to mix in with the general public as with Jade Helm.
    Our present government is not one that I even recognize. When I was in we trained to kill commies not vote for them!
    Truth Teller can go back to his fax machine at the Southern Poverty Law Center and make up some new spooks to call domestic terrorists, we know that all US Vets are considered such by DHS.

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