ISIS Quadcopter Bomber

I bet DJI didn’t see this coming. How could you have not though? Every male who saw this drone looked at that thing and said, “how cool would it be to strap an explosive to that thing and go drop it somewhere?” It does sound like some fun. It also sounds fun to strap an AR to the thing and see how long it lasts at fully automatic.

ISIS has resorted to using off the counter DJI drones to carry their payload of choice — rifle grenades and some improvised explosives. Some have been found with hand grenades. These drones from the photos appear to have tubes retrofitted to carry the payload and some kind of string that is pulled to release. In recent months pictures surfaced of IEDs that looked like pipe bomb versions of 20-millimeter grenades and had badminton shuttlecocks for “fin stabilization. The terrorist organization is claiming they are forming a new UAV unit called the, “Unmanned Aircraft of the Mujahideen” according to The Washington Post. Is this where the government asks DJI to put a stop sale of all drones to certain Middle Eastern countries? I mean it only makes sense.

DJI responded by releasing an updated geofence in their app to restrict flight. When looking at the map on DJI’s website about 90 percent of Northern Iraq is a “Restricted Zone”. DJI did not comment on why they released the updated geofencing but we all know why. Yes, I know I previously said “DJI responded” but come on, we are not stupid. We all know exactly what DJI is doing. Just an all-around smart move by the techs over at DJI. Of course, leave it to the Russians to come out with some shady stuff. According to an article posted by The Verge, Coptersafe, a tech company based in Russia has software that is downloadable that can confuse the drone and make it think it is okay to fly where it normally would not allow.

According to Coptersafe’s website, they offer a no-fly zone, altitude, and speed mod. The software ranges from $200 – $550. With this software, ISIS could wreak havoc on troops in the country and local forces. I was unable to find anything on their website about purchasing limits. They do have the standard yes, we sell this but no you should not use it for illegal purposes without permission legal jargon in broken English.

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