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If You Like Tim McGraw…: McGraw Plans Gun-Control Supporting Concert | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

If You Like Tim McGraw…: McGraw Plans Gun-Control Supporting Concert

There is no denying the immense horror and tragedy of Sandy Hook. However, there is also no denying the gun control crowd has chosen to use the sorrow surrounding the deaths of innocent children and their teachers as a platform to further their agenda. Sometimes the issue becomes clouded when groups posing as supporters of furthering gun education or diminishing gun violence in topically neutral ways take a stand, presenting a face to the general public that makes monsters of those who would dare come against them. Such is a group known as the Sandy Hook Promise, and now they have a big-name backer whose actions are stirring up more than a little frustration and anger in the gun industry.

News tends to spread like wildfire in general, and news involving a public figure taking a stand that instantaneously alienates the bulk of their fan base spreads even faster. So when Tim McGraw recently announced an upcoming concert fundraiser for Sandy Hook Promise, the response was swift.

Tim McGraw has been a headliner in the country music world since the early 1990s; in 1994 his album “Not a Moment Too Soon” was released, and his popularity was secured once and for all. Along the way he’s won three Grammy Awards, fourteen Academy of Country Music Awards, eleven Country Music Association awards, and ten American Music Awards, among others. He’s acted in movies, played for the troops on more than one occasion, and spent a decent chunk of his personal time and money on several charitable causes. He’s no stranger to charitable work and fundraisers, but this just might be the first time he’s come to find out it is, indeed, possible to lose a massive portion of your fans based on one poor decision.

Tim McGraw PerformsYes, country music is often considered the purview of good old boys, beer-drinking, truck-driving, gun-toting guys always up for a good fight, but reality is substantially broader. Country music lovers are both men and women, span a rather large range of ages, are frequently college-educated professionals, and may prefer wine or whiskey over beer. Just for a start. But there is one piece of the country music stereotype that rings true, and that’s the part about guns. No, not every person who has ever sung along to “Bubba Shot the Jukebox” actually owns a gun, but a large number does. In fact, it seems quite safe to say the gun-owning members of the country music fan base are numerous enough they more than make up the majority. Not only the majority, but such an overwhelming number as to turn those fans without guns into a bit of a rarity. And those are the people Tim McGraw has turned his back on.

Sandy Hook Promise paints themselves as a semi-harmless gun control group, if there ever is such a thing. Their web site currently features a header including the tag line “preventing gun violence without just talking about the gun” which is a somewhat innocuous-appearing phrase for such a group. Their topics direct site visitors to “know the signs” of mental illness – listed signs are incredibly broad and vague – and instructs you to “say something” at the slightest sign of potential harm. Seems logical, right? Maybe even a good idea?

Next in their suggesting reading is “keep it safe” where readers are instructed how to prevent those with mental illness from harming themselves or others. While there are a few logical though basic instructions on this page about putting guns in a safe and teaching children how to react to loose guns, borrowing words eerily similar to those spoken in the NRA’s Eddie Eagle videos for kids. On the same page there are inaccurate statistics about guns; the entire thing has clearly been penned by someone unfamiliar with firearms, collecting information from the internet. Still, it’s harmless, right? Wrong.

While it’s absolutely true Sandy Hook Promise has a few good programs running such as their desire to stop bullying, for no child to be forced to eat lunch alone or be otherwise isolated, and there are certainly important mental health issues to consider, their actions do not line up with the public face of their website. Members of the foundation working on its behalf spend time actively lobbying for restrictions on firearms purchases, ownership, and modes of carry, and they make their elation clear when efforts pay off. They’ve enjoyed recent gun control victories restricting gun owners in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, to name a few, and they openly admit they’re all for the criminalization of private firearms transfers of any kind as well as advocating for a national firearms registry. And then there’s the company they keep.

Credit: Sandy Hook Promise
Credit: Sandy Hook Promise

We are all known by the company we keep, and in the case of Sandy Hook Promise that company is of the gun control extreme variety. The group is closely and openly associated with groups such as Moms Demand Action, which recently staged a false photo to try to make it look like far more people showed up to protest the recent NRA Meeting than actually did, Everytown for Gun Safety, and, of course, the Brady Campaign, which was also recently in the headlines for playing fast and loose with laws. On the surface Sandy Hook Promise looks like a good idea, but once you remove the shiny veneer, reality oozes through.

McGraw’s original advertisement for the fundraising concert included singers Billy Currington and Chase Bryant, with promises of more to come. Once the you-know-what began to hit the fan, Currington backed out, whether out of actual horror at the idea of being involved in a gun control event or from the realization he cannot afford to lose fans, who knows – although we can easily guess. McGraw himself has had a far different reaction.

Thousands – probably tens of thousands – of disgruntled fans did what they do best when the news hit by taking to the internet. Social media is certainly a popular way to vent frustrations, and McGraw’s fans headed for his Facebook page. The feedback was overwhelmingly negative; some fans were disappointed and hoped McGraw didn’t actually understand what he was doing, but most know McGraw is a grown man and expressed their displeasure bluntly. McGraw handled it by deleting the negative remarks, leaving his page now giving the appearance of support. Just how many rights does he plan to trample before he’s done? (For the record, at last check Billy Currington had not deleted negative comments but apparently took them to heart by removing himself from the concert.)

In an interview with Fox News McGraw said he, himself, is a gun owner – and he may be, but he would not be the first celebrity firearms owner to play both sides – saying “As a gun owner, I support gun ownership. I also believe that with gun ownership comes the responsibility of education and safety – most certainly when it relates to what we value most, our children. I can’t imagine anyone who disagrees with that.” In the space of a few sentences he’s painted those who disagree with his fundraising concert as heartless anti-child bumpkins who fail to grasp the solemnity of gun safety. There’s just one problem there, Tim: there’s a difference between gun safety and gun control.

Gun ControlGun safety is when a gun owner has trained with his firearm, exercises responsible use and storage, and does everything in his or her power to be the sheepdog watching over the flock. Gun control is when someone attempts to wrest control of firearms from the aforementioned responsible gun owners, because they “know better” than the gun owners themselves. This is typical of government oversight, patting the citizens collectively on their heads, reassuring them they know what’s best and if the population will just surrender their rights, all will be well. Gun safety is all about the four golden rules of gun ownership. Gun control is all about systematically wiping out the ability to own guns or ammunition, often under the guise of stopping gun violence.

Gun violence is not going to be stopped by restricting responsible owner’s access to firearms. Those in the community and industry know this, but there is simply no reasoning with the average gun control advocate. Groups such as Sandy Hook Promise appear harmless on the surface, but they have not-terribly-well-hidden depths. Depths reaching deep into the heart of the gun control movement.

So what can you do? It’s entirely up to you. Simply perusing the site of the foundation only gives visitors a vague idea of seemingly noble causes; it takes more digging to figure out what bills and laws they’ve been pushing and who they like to hang out with. There’s an online store on their site where I, personally, was also disappointed to see OPI nail polish has supplied them with a green polish meant to pull even more funds in for their purposes. As someone whose idea of fun involves dirt, camo, and my favorite rifle, my one nod to being remotely girly just happens to be nail polish. Guess which brand has been my favorite since college? Now guess how I intend to deal with this transgression.

Sometimes it seems as though the small actions of a single person cannot possibly make a difference. My ceasing to purchase OPI after having bought literally hundreds, possibly into the thousands, of bottles probably seems futile. My stepping away from Tim McGraw is less of a sacrifice; he’s never been one of my favorite country singers, and I’m a diehard country music lover. When the small actions of a single person are replicated over and over, and multiplied countless times, yes, a difference is made. The difference may seem tiny at first, and may not seem to be a difference at all, but it’s a bit like tossing a rock into still waters. A single rock creates ripples, which reach ever-farther out into the water. Just imagine what thousands of rocks can do.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Katherine Ainsworth

Katherine is a military and political journalist with a reputation for hard-hitting, no-holds-barred articles. Her career as a writer has immersed her in the military lifestyle and given her unique insights into the various branches of service. She is a firearms aficionado and has years of experience as a K9 SAR handler, and has volunteered with multiple support-our-troops charities for more than a decade. Katherine is passionate about military issues and feels supporting service members should be the top priority for all Americans. Her areas of expertise include the military, politics, history, firearms and canine issues.
Katherine Ainsworth

18 thoughts on “If You Like Tim McGraw…: McGraw Plans Gun-Control Supporting Concert

  1. I myself wouldn’t walk across the street to watch this phony anyway, but I’d walk across the street to burn one of his recordings. What, is he starting a genre? Commie country?

  2. Sandy hook was a terrible thing, but no more so than the thousands of children killed in Car wrecks each year.

    Far more people are killed in Cars, and with Baseball Bats each year than with Guns. Why not Car control or Bat control??? We don’t blame the car when a drunk driver kills someone, why do we blame a gun when some idiot kills someone?

    Tim McGraw has apparently sold out to those who just want to control people by taking away their rights!

    Tim, I say this as an American Veteran, You are a traitor to your own Country and I am ashamed of you! We have a Constitution and you should be trying to defend it, not destroy it!

  3. I was a huge Tim McGraw fan until I read this article. My husband shared this with me. We will be sharing this with friends. Being a celebrity does not give you the right to tell other individuals what to do. He is disgusting to have deleted negative thoughts from his fans. Freedom of speech. I will now be throwing away my cds, t shirts, etc. We will no longer be attending his concerts. Word of mouth goes a long way; and we will be doing just that. No longer fans of Tim (who)!

  4. Sorry Tim, you have to go now too! I had to let Sylvester Stallone go for his stance on Gun Control now you, what a shame. I will no longer use my money to support Tim McGraw.

  5. After a long, exhaustive research on Sandy Hook I am convinced it was a false flag from beginning to end. No one died. They bulldozed down the site to cover up the entire affair, ala rubble of WTC/9-11. Get rid of the evidence, or lack thereof. Too much secrecy about the so called massacre, too many unanswered questions, use of crisis actors, etc. And this bozo buys into it and sells his opinion for what exactly? Another soul goes to the darkside. A shame and a tragedy. Bye bye timmy.

  6. Never thought that I would see the day about a country boy on the wrong side of the argument. It might be his publicist or someone else who actually made the decision, lets hope. Otherwise, he has lost one more of his fans. I truly do not think our government or these Anti-gun groups understand true gun control. No, I do not mean, two hands with a slow steady squeeze of the trigger either.

    1. The problem is Scott, Tim, like his phony wife are nothing more and never have been but a couple of privileged liberal fools that are merely C.I.N.O.S “country in name only.
      They have used the country music industry and its fans to reach the status of big celebrities who now feel like so many others like them know what’s best for everyone else.or in most cases, do as I say not as I do the standard liberal agenda.

  7. This Sandy Hook group is just a front for anti-Second Amendment Socialists. None of the “solutions” it advocates would have ever prevented the Sandy Hook tragedy had they been in place at the time.

    Tim McGraw is just another useful celebrity idiot who looks to be following the “Dixie Chick Guide to Career Suicide”.

  8. If he’s trying to play both sides of the fence, he’s doing an amazingly stupid job of it.

    Essentially, he’s making an argument that, “If you don’t support this Sandy Hook group, then you don’t care about kids and you don’t care about gun-safety.”

    I’ve never seen any pro-gun (pro-Second Amendment) organization make an argument for LESS safety, or any individual for that matter; so his argument – and related organizations’ agenda – is moot.

    Sorry Tim, put down your microphone for a while and read some books…hopefully you’ll wake up one day.

  9. Oh, boo f – – – ing hoo, All I read in the above comments can be summed up in one word – snivel. What a crew of wankers. I am a soldier, own numerous firearms and you know what, those of us who truly support 2nd Amendment rights see something entirely different than the all or nothing you children seem to want. This is a nation founded on the idea that the common good was a worthy and achievable goal. But all I hear from this crew is our common good will prevail over all. Some time ago I read an article about another snivel in New York state, whining that he could not purchase an AR-15 in New York anymore. Well, you know their in lies a cautionary tale. When you are defending a position with the all or nothing rational you get push back and in his case, the New York state legislature shoved the all or nothing tactic right up the 2nd Amendment’s backside, so we got his snivel.
    Remember, 2nd Amendment rights is on a two way street – not a one way street, no matter how bad you want to drive into on coming traffic, it will in the end turn out to be a bad choice.
    So stop your pissin’ and moanin’ and actually talk to folks who have other opinions and show them that some common good can come from Sandy Hook.

  10. Michael O.: You are an idiot and a troll! I would be willing to bet you were never a Soldier in the U.S. Military, because if you were, you wouldn’t be spouting that crap! Go crawl back under your rock, because you apparently have no idea what you are talking about! You are probably some little 120 lb sniveling Liberal that thinks he can gain some type of credibility by pretending to be an ex solderer. You make me sick!

  11. What has happened to common sense . A black gun, a green gun, matter a fact grandpaws old rusty shotgun will all kill or wound you the same .
    If you have a death wish go to Gun safe zones [ translation – a free unarmed shooting gallery for the crazy].
    People who want to kill aren’t law abiding they look for areas for highest kill ratio and where they will not be shot back at or at least have the longest open range time before someone ( get this – with a gun stops them) . Do you think a non law abiding shooter is going to a Texas shooting range to kill mass amounts of people? response would be quick and decisive .
    .Being naive has no place in gun control.
    If someone has Cancer the answer to stop it is not to simply cut off their head thus stopping Cancer . It is seeking common sense solutions that help you live as long as you can, with a cure being a possible chance .
    Look to WW2 Sweden and Switzerland were not invaded because Hiltler was afraid of a door to fight.
    A country unarmed is known as a group of pitch fork peasants.
    Switzerland has all of it citizens trained and the government pays for the ammo each year to train them ; most still have the issued rifle their greatgrandpaw passed down to them. because they are educated in the system, they also know not to leave loaded weapons laying around , keep them locked in safes, etc.
    Who wants to invade Switzerland? ANSWER NOBODY

  12. Finally a voice of reason for responsible gun owners Tim showing the human side of gun owners- All of us aren’t NUTS -KUDOS TO MY FRIEND TIM

  13. Michael O, dude, no one is whining! We are making statements on a forum that is open for exactly that! Do you not think before you speak! I served in the military too, just like almost everyone in my strong military family, so what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?! And yes, most of us have talked to and support the people who will defend the 2nd Amendment. Taste Common Sense, cheers to you, and BTW, no one will invade America either, due to the 2nd Amendment. But the President and his liberal party seem to be trying to change that. Not on my watch liberals!!!

  14. Tim and his wife looked at a house for sale close to where I live. After they took time to meet people in the community and check out the local stores they left and never returned. We have open carry and lots do carry openly. I guess all the pessants with guns freaked them out!!! That’s how we gona keep doing it Timmy with or without you!! We don’t have mass shootings here!! A nut job freak can only get of a few rounds before he’s shot by multiple rednecks!!! Now that real gun control Timmy!!!

  15. Stay home Tim! Obama got these people to think it was the Gun Owners’ fault. What about Lazar’s mother who gave him the combination to her Gun Safe and his doctor who said , “He would be alright until Monday.”

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