How to Make a Deployment Fly By

To some, a six-month deployment can be earth shattering. Time spent away from friends and family can seem like a lifetime. But, deployments can be a great place to meet new people, focus on self-improvement and advance your career. If you use the tips below, your six months away will seem like a few weeks.

Work Out

If you’re like 99% of the population, you’ve been looking for an opportunity just like this. A remote place with little distraction to finally get in the shape you’ve been dreaming of. Take advantage of not having to cook or prepare meals; the dining facility makes great meals for losing weight and staying in shape. Six months is a perfect amount of time to start a new habit and get into a good rhythm.

Learn Something New

Doing the same job day after day can get tiring pretty quickly, especially when we do that job for 3-4 years at each assignment. Treat your deployment like a place to learn a new skill or a different part of your job or, if there is nothing new, work at excelling in a specific part of your job; even learning more about a different career field, or broadening your leadership and supervisory scope can be a new skill.

Working out can effectively reduce stress caused by a deployment.
Working out can effectively reduce stress caused by a deployment.

Focus on What You’re Missing

No, don’t focus on how you’re missing your friends and family or how you’re missing your baby’s first year. Focus on the things that you hate doing, but don’t have to do once you’re deployed. At my job, we had to take a painful closed-book test each month. It was always a stressful event. Missing six of those tests was almost worth the half a year away from my husband. Maybe you have an additional duty back home that takes all of your time; you don’t have to do it while you’re gone. If you hate mowing your lawn, washing dishes or household chores, relish in the fact that it’ll be a few months until you have to do them again.

Make Friends

While you won’t have much time to hang out with friends between your work hours, having some friends to blow off steam with is beneficial to your well-being. It may be a work out buddy, someone to eat dinner with, or even a group that hangs out at the bar. Since you’re all in this together, it makes it easier to connect with others. People don’t have families to go home to or other engagements to take up their time.

Treat Yourself

I found it astonishing how many “treats” are offered while deployed. From the fried food and desserts in the dining facility to the Baskin Robbins and Taco Bell at the BX, I allowed myself one treat day a week and usually on my day off. It made the time go by really quickly. I was surprised at how quickly my indulgent time came around.

No matter what you do, you’re going to have days that feel longer than others. These tips are ones that I used while deployed for six months away from my family. Sometimes the tips worked so well that I felt guilty I was actually enjoying myself.

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Emily Ruch

Emily Ruch was born in Minnesota and raised in central California before joining the Air Force at the age of 17. While serving in the Air Force, Emily worked in the Base Command Post specializing in Emergency Management. She didn’t travel the world as expected, but spent time in west Texas, Washington D.C., plus a short deployment in Southeast Asia. Instead of traveling, Emily spent most of her time on education, cultivating friendships with coworkers, and enjoying her surroundings. She was lucky enough to meet her husband of seven years while serving in Texas. Emily left the service after six years and began working as a correspondence coordinator for the Department of Energy. Now she is a stay-at-home-mom with her 10-month-old son and three dogs.
Emily Ruch

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