How To Choose The Best Gloves For Winter Shooting

Choosing the best cold weather gloves for winter shooting can literally mean the difference between life and death in the world of a marksman. For instance, early stages of frostbite can happen before you know it. According to the National Weather Service, a shooter’s bare skin can suffer from frostbite within 30 minutes of exposure to temperatures of 5 degrees. Using cold weather gloves can save fingers and lives in the long run. In addition to the obvious avoidance of frostbite, proper cold weather gloves can also keep fingers from going numb when it’s time to pull the trigger.Whether you’re on patrol or at the range, there are several things that need to be considered when looking for gloves.

Finding the Right Sizes

Sizing is often different depending on the brand of the glove. Generally speaking, there are usually several sizes to choose from ranging from XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. As such, measurements typically range from 6 inches all the way to 12 inches. Check sizing charts be sure to use a ruler or tape measure if this is your first time buying tactical winter gloves to ensure you get the best fit. Most manufacturers provide measuring guides.

Much like ordering the correct size boot or sleeping bag, it’s vital to get a glove that properly fits. Look for gloves that have a snug fit, and possibly even a Velcro strap closure to make sure the glove is comfortably tight.

Unique Features To Consider

After you find the correct size, there are other options you should consider. Gloves can vary in features such as offering goat skin, thermolite lining, grip materials like silicone palm, and spandex sleeves. Goatskin is one of nature’s strongest leathers if durability is a shopper’s most important concern. As for warmth, consider searching for thermolite lining or gloves with spandex sleeves. They protect bare skin around the wrist and keep out any cold air that may enter through the opening of the glove.

If being used specifically for shooting purposes, you should consider gloves with additional features. It is important to look for non-slip fingertips, with form fitted, waterproof, grippy materials or a silicone palm. While warmth is a major consideration, shooters should also consider the no-slip grip on a glove.

Gloves Versus Glove Liners

Some products, such as those sold by Under Armor, are listed as a liner, but actually function as a glove. In this scenario, it’s important to examine the thickness of the glove.

Again, it’s vital to find gloves or glove liners that include features such as a silicone palm to ensure a firm grip on the weapon. Glove liners often feature an extended gauntlet, which extends up the wrist and inside of a jacket sleeve like a Spandex sleeve. This way, the wrist and parts of the forearm are also protected from the cold.

Finally, while liners are less likely to be waterproof, this option may work in areas that are noticeably cold, but may not have a great deal of snow or sleet.

Finding The Right Tactical Winter Gloves

All in all, if you need cold-weather hand coverage plus dexterity, it’s vital to shop for the best winter tactical gloves. Whether you’re serving your country, heading out to the range, or just standing in line for coffee, don’t risk poor dexterity this winter.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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