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Hot Button Topic – Gun Control | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

Hot Button Topic – Gun Control

For years people across the USA have debated about gun control and sides both pro and con have aggressively stated their cases for why their side is right. Pro gun control advocates always start their argument these days by pointing out that assault style rifles are used in many of the mass shootings that you see in recent history and that these weapons are all too easy to get your hands on. Typically those opposed to gun control, like the NRA, fall back on the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and counter with statements like, “yes these weapons are used in mass shootings frequently but the overall deaths they cause are significantly lower percentage-wise than other style weapons.” So who is right? There are 49 people in a morgue in Orlando who can never weigh in on the subject again because they were brutally murdered by a madman carrying an AR-15-type assault rifle.

Although the Orlando nightclub mass murder is still fresh and police have not put together the whole reason for why it took place, it does not take away from the fact that the deadliest shooting in US history was done with an assault-style rifle that just about anyone can easily buy. As a matter of fact, one thing the police do know is that the shooter was investigated not once but twice for having ties to radical Islam but still was able to buy the assault rifle used in the killings without sending up any red flags to law enforcement.

Gun ControlIf you look back at recent mass killings you will see that semi-automatic weapons were used in all of the deadliest ones. From 20 six to seven year old children being killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012 to the recent Orlando nightclub shooting. Would the children who died at Sandy Hook, the 12 movie-goers who died in Colorado or those 14 men and women killed at a Christmas party in San Bernardino still be alive if there was a ban on assault-style weapons? That remains to be seen but one thing is for sure; they would have stood a better chance of survival if the shooter did not have a weapon they could fire as fast as they could pull a trigger.

Groups like the NRA always talk about freedom and rights when they discuss their side of the issue but it is becoming apparent that these mass killings are starting to occur all too frequently with assault-style rifles – most of which were easily obtained within a few days of the killings. Even police forces across the country now have armories that would make many small country’s military jealous because of the firepower they can now project; it is a necessity because of the potential firepower that they can run up against on any given day. Let’s not forget also that everyday citizens have the right to enjoy their freedoms too without the fear of being gunned down at a social event by a semi-automatic weapon.

It’s time to wake up to the fact that we have a big problem in the USA as far as the number of assault weapons on the street goes (estimated at almost 5 million) and lawmakers have to compromise with gun advocates and come up with a way to protect US citizens who are much more valuable than protecting an outdated Constitutional Law.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Craig Smith

Craig has been writing for several years but just recently made freelance writing a full time profession after leaving behind 26 years working in the swimming pool construction industry. He served four years in the US Air Force as an Imagery Interpreter Specialist in Okinawa, Japan and at SAC Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. As a staunch supporter of law enforcement personnel, emergency medical technicians, firemen, search and rescue personnel and those who serve in the military, Craig is proud to contribute to the US Patriot blog on their behalf.
Craig Smith

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