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Home Remedies: Keeping the Spice Rack Full

Medical science has killed many wives’ tales that used herbs and spices to treat ailments in everyday life. Some were better replaced by medicines, but others can do just as good, if not better, than pills made in a lab. In either case, many home remedies are at least better than nothing and should be looked at as a cost effective and natural way of treating common conditions at home when a trip to the doctor is not affordable or not possible at all.

Consult the list below for home remedies to common ailments and injuries:


  • Ginger and peppermint are great for upset stomachs and can soothe mild to moderate stomach pains and nausea
  • Ginseng is good for motion sickness and nausea caused by environmental issues as opposed to ingestion


  • Cayenne powder can help to stop bleeding as well as act as a topical pain reliever
  • Parsley crushed into a paste can help heal bruising

Ear Infections:

  • Tea tree oil can be used to treat ear infections and soothe the associated pain and irritation


  • Garlic can be packed into a cavity for mild tooth aches
  • Warm salt water will help with tooth pain as well. Use the water to rinse out the garlic

Sore Throat:

  • Horehound, an herb related to catnip, can soothe a sore throat
  • Warm salt water is also great for sore throats


  • Baking soda mixed into a paste can help draw poison from a sting or bite
  • Activated charcoal mixed into a paste with water can do the same, but is very messy


  • Corn starch can be used in place of talcum powder to sooth chafing and prevent rubbing


  • Aloe Vera is great for burns and to soothe cuts and scrapes

Remedies SideIt is great to have a good stock of medicines on hand that can help deal with everyday aches, pains, and other issues, but knowing alternative sources is a good idea. Another benefit of knowing some of these alternatives is renewability. If it will be some time before you can get to a drug store or a doctor, restocking the medicine cabinet will be hard. If you have a garden where you grow items that can be used medicinally, you prolong your ability to treat conditions when there are limitations to restocking manufactured drugs.

By having a well-stocked medicine cabinet complimented by a well grown garden, your dependency on manufactured goods for simple conditions is greatly reduced. Do some research to find more home remedies out there and start growing your garden to have a section of herbs that can help take care of life’s pains.

If you have any home remedies that you would like to share, please add them to the comments section. You can never have too many ways to treat any given condition.

And please remember that this list, or anything listed in the comments section, is not intended to replace the instructions of a licensed medical provider and that, if possible, proper medical treatment should be sought. These remedies are only for when options are limited and are to be used at your own risk.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Seth Belt

Seth grew up in Southern Arizona before joining the U.S. Navy. While serving in the Navy, Seth was an anti-narcotics operator and an anti-submarine operator for 5 years. He was lucky enough to travel to many of the Central and South American countries, as well as visiting many South East Asian nations and islands. One of Seth’s greatest joys from his time in the Navy was teaching new Sailors firearms education and safety. After leaving the Navy in 2010, Seth returned to Arizona and had a rough time learning how to be a civilian again, often working jobs that could barely pay the bills. After going to school, Seth became an Emergency Medical Technician in the Phoenix Valley, where he now lives with his wife and son.His areas of knowledge cover military, firearms, and emergency medicine.
Seth Belt

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  1. To add to this, for a stye, steep a black tea bag, squeeze out excess water and place the bag on your eye. This cleared up two styes in about ten minutes. Cool stuff

  2. The given home remedies are helpful to find a holistic treatment in traditional medicinal history also helps to live a little longer.

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