Holidays While Deployed

As the holidays approach, let us remember all of the men and women who are not able to be home with their families. Their dedication, commitment, and hard work should be remembered always, but more so during the holidays. It is not an easy thing to be away from your loved ones during this time of year.

Holiday SpreadI have spent a few Thanksgivings away from home but before I did, I always wondered what Thanksgiving was like for the men and women overseas. When I was in Iraq, I worked for the Army Corps of Engineers, and I am sure that what was done for Thanksgiving for the soldiers there may have been different for others deployed. As shown in the picture I snapped, the DFACs put on a good meal for the men and women. They were very creative and did what they could to make this a pleasant day for the soldiers. While the men and women deployed were not given the day off, they did at least enjoy a good meal and some fun while being served by the higher ranking officers.

Care Packages

Family and friends do tend to send more packages to the soldiers deployed around this time of year. From my experience, it is important to start sending your packages around Thanksgiving if you hope for them to be there before Christmas. When you do send the packages, try and send extra treats for your soldier to share. The website has many tips on sending packages.

If you just want to support the troops but have no one in specific to send packages too, has a list of soldiers, their addresses, and things they need/want. There are other websites such as,, and that can be used to search for soldiers to send care packages to for the holidays. Some of these soldiers do not have family members to turn to, so they register on these sites to try and get items they need/want. It is very moving to see that the men and women deployed are not looking for presents or gifts as we might consider them, but the everyday necessities that we take for granted. I have seen lists just asking for personal hygiene products for the soldier’s troops and nothing that we would consider gifts.

So, while it looks like the military takes care of their own for the holidays, there are some holes in their processes. Even if you do not support the war or deployments, support our troops and their sacrifices. Register today on one of the above mentioned sites and send them a package or two. I know I do this every year and there are no words to describe how you will feel knowing you are helping them. Sometimes for a soldier, just knowing someone back home cares, even if they don’t know you, can make all the difference in the world.

This is the true spirit of the holidays!

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Originally from Canada, Terri moved to the US at 16 and joined the Army Reserves at 17. She went active Army in 1991, and spent almost 2 years in Iraq as a program analyst for the Army Corps of Engineers. She currently works for the VA as an Accounts Management Supervisor. Terri has her MBA in HR management.
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