Happy Birthday Coast Guard Reserve

On February 19th, 1941 Congress passed the Auxiliary and Reserve Act that officially established the Coast Guard Reserve in the United States. This allowed American citizens to serve their country part-time for the United States Coast Guard.

Since its creation, the Coast Guard Reserve has served our country in many major conflicts and helped protect our people, our resources and our homeland from all kinds of threats.

Always Ready

The official motto of the United States Coast Guard is the Latin phrase “Semper Paratus” which translates to English as “Always Ready.” This is very accurate to reservists who have as little as 48 hours to report to active duty when needed during all kinds of emergencies.

These emergencies can include war, terrorism, plane crashes and natural disasters such as hurricanes, major floods, and oil spills.

Seal of the United States Coast Guard Reserve
Seal of the United States Coast Guard Reserve – Sourced by Wikimedia.commons

Reservists in Action

United States Coast Guard reservists have served during many major wars including:

  • World War II
  • The Korean War
  • The Vietnam War
  • The Persian Gulf War
  • Operation Desert Shield

It’s estimated that during WWII, Coast Guard reservists made up more than 90% of the United States Coast Guard and had a major effect in our nation’s fight for freedom.

Some Coast Guard reservists served during the attack on the World Trade Center in September of 2001. This included Vincent Danz, a 38-year-old New York Police Department Officer who is believed to have been serving on the fourth floor of the north tower. He left a message for his wife on his home answering machine that said “Pray for me and pray for these people, I love you. I’ll talk to you soon.”

Vincent Danz, as well as other Coast Guard reservists, died in service for our country, and for that, we are forever grateful.

Last Words

Every year, the 19th of February serves as the Coast Guard Reserve’s birthday and as a day of recognition for their service. Our team at US Patriot Tactical is very thankful for all the Coast Guard reservists who have risked and given their lives to protect our nation in all kinds of conflict both at home and abroad.

If you would like to thank the US Coast Guard member in your life, we carry durable boots authorized for use by the United States Coast Guard. These would be a perfect gift for the servicemember who must stand by, always ready to help during times of need.

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