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Gun Control Simply Does Not Work | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

Gun Control Simply Does Not Work

From President Obama to local police officials, the message has been repeated again and again – more gun control is needed to protect the public. Washington D.C. and Chicago have both used “public safety” as justification for their, almost impossible to meet, permit requirements. Mayors have rallied behind former NYC Mayor Bloomberg to demand additional restrictions on permits, weapon design and magazine capacity. The list goes on and on. However, every single person who thinks more gun control will equal less gun violence is forgetting one important fact; gun control does not work.

Why It Does Not Work

There are two main reasons gun control does not work. First, there is little enforcement where it is truly needed. Sure, if you are an otherwise law abiding citizen who unknowingly crosses a state border with your pistol or keeps an unregistered handgun under the counter to protect you and your family, you can rest assured you will feel the full weight of the legal system on your shoulders. But, if you are a career criminal or gang banger caught with that same firearm, chances are you will face little additional punishment for that specific crime. Chances are you will be offered a deal due to the “over burdened legal system” and find yourself back on the same corner in no time. Second, criminals do not care about breaking one more law. If you are using your illegal firearm to rob or kill people, it is irrational to think you will care if you are breaking one more law in doing so. After all, what is more serious than murder?

Gun ControlFailure to Address the Real Issue

The biggest reason gun violence, and crime in general, goes unchecked is a failure by those in positions of authority to address the real issue. Crime and criminal behavior is the real problem, but supporters of gun control like to refer to the problem as “a public health issue” or “social economic issue.” People have been sick, poor and hungry since the beginning of time and although that may justify stealing loaves of bread or medication for your family, it has never been a reason to terrorize your community for what appears to be the mere sport of doing so.
Politicians like to talk about being “tough on crime” but in reality this usually translates to additional restrictions on those who actually care about the law and never impacts the true criminals. Gun control is not different.

Proof of Failure

Those looking for proof that gun control does not work need look no further than Baltimore, Chicago or NYC. Each of these cities is “protected” by some of the strictest gun control laws and are among the most difficult to comply with permit regulations in the nation. Despite this, each continues to experience alarming rates of gun violence. Baltimore, for example, recently experienced its deadliest month in over 40 when, during the month of May alone, there were over 100 shootings and 43 deaths reported. Chicago and NYC see similar levels of violence with 12 killed and 44 wounded in the Windy City and another 18 wounded and 4 dead in the Big Apple over the Memorial Day weekend alone.

Clearly gun control does not prevent criminals from participating in their deadly trade.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Tom Burrell

Tom enlisted in the US Marine Corps Reserves in 1987. Following service in Desert Storm, he transitioned to active duty with the US Coast Guard. In 1997 he left the USCG to pursue a position in conservation & maritime law enforcement. Tom is currently a Captain and he oversees several programs, including his agency investigation unit. He is also a training instructor in several areas including firearms, defensive tactics and first aid/CPR. In 2006 Tom received his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Harrisburg Area Community College and in 2010 a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State University.
Tom Burrell

9 thoughts on “Gun Control Simply Does Not Work

  1. The goal is not to “protect” anyone. Ever heard of liars and pawns? The goal is simply to strip you of all power so that you can be further and more easily enslaved. Gun control therefore does work.

    Know your enemy.

  2. What works is “stop and frisk” as proven in NYC and changed by de Blasio, a liberal goofball who has brought disrespect and chaos to the city. Chicago, Baltimore, DC, and so many other big inner cities with Democratic leaders can’t bring themselves to restrict their out of control populations, mostly black on black crimes. This is where black lives do NOT matter to blacks. It is tragic and the beat goes on…in the meantime who will deal with it? Not Obama, not local politicians, not even the local attorneys. Instead, they alienate the police who are the only ones who have proven they can stop the senseless killing.

  3. So true Grump, We are FREE, because we are ARMED ! One country implemented strick gun control laws and the one crime that “Tripled” , Home Invation ! Think about it, bad guys don’t care about laws. Disarm America and we all become slaves !

  4. Gun control serves two purposes: 1) It shows Joe Public that the administration is “working hard” to protect them. Translation – give us your tax money, we earned it. 2) Unarmed population is “naked in the square” when it comes to protecting their rights. Consider the chances for success of our War for Independence if the colonists were prohibited from arming themselves. No guns – no chance of a revolution.
    The more people we have per square mile – the stricter the gun laws must be (from the point of view of the administration). Their goal is not to protect us – it is to protect themselves. And this approach has not changed in thousands of years (commoners could not own or carry a sword in medieval Europe, only samurai can carry swords in medieval Japan, etc., etc.)
    Unfortunately, here is the worst part – no amount of lobbying or appealing to common sense can change this – politics and the self-preservation of politicians have nothing in common with common sense. Choices are simple – relocate yourself to a place where the politicians have less of a stranglehold on you, or relocate the politicians, by force if necessary, to some place from where they cannot reach you. I am no revolutionary – I prefer the first method.

  5. education education education, , from the beginning of time cave men taught their children the proper use of the club, how to defend one’s self, how to efficiently dispatch game, how to carry the club so it didn’t fall and break a toe, then came the spear, the bow and arrow, same there, fathers taught their children proper use, we must teach our children how and when the use of firearms is acceptable. Teach them to respect the firearm and not fear them, they like a club, or hammer are a tool for a specific purpose. From the caveman forward their have been those that have anger and other problems misusing the club, spear, or other weapon, and those cultures dealt with them, harshly,
    Two things, bring back competitive shooting in our schools, and mandatory viewing of PUBLIC EXECUTIONS for those that need it, the argument that executions do not deter, is partially true yet I believe only because we hide it from the public eye. seeing one hung by a noose piss and shit themselves makes a lasting impression

  6. requirement that all schools must have gun safety class few time a year and requirement to own a gun how to and service them. And introducing every kid at a young age to build a respect of all weapons.

  7. Every “gun control “law in this country needs to be rescinded immediately, as they are all a complete violation of the 2nd amendment. Why is the 2nd amendment the only one that people feel they can regulate, or in many places, outlaw completely? If we had judges who weren’t appointed to be left wing Big Government operatives these laws would have been gone long ago. The problem we have here is the unwillingness of the “liberal/progressive/socialist /Democrats” to punish minority group criminal behavior, or to tell these people that their whole lifestyle is bankrupt. Therefore they invent the myth of “gun control” as a way to pretend they are doing something without ever putting the blame on the real culprits. Plus it has the added benefit for the socialist/communist front groups who wish to control Whites so they can ram their agenda down our throats without risk of revolt. They know that Whites own the most firearms, and that Whites are the one group who do not willingly go along with their long held communist agenda. Think about it, and you will see that it’s exactly in line with every action taken by the current administration.

  8. I say we the voters need to demand several things.
    1. All laws need to be enforced for everyone, no exceptions, If you are for gun control whether it be by introducing a bill, co-sponsoring a bill, supporting anti gun legislation either monetarily, or with indoctrination in the lamestream propaganda mills, or employed in the public indoctrination centers teaching the evils of guns. If you support anti gun policies, you should have any guns you own confiscated, any CCW permits revoked, and the right to employ private armed security revoked. Then lets see if you still support anti gun laws!
    2. Before any bill can be introduced, the area of the bill ie gun control, should have a thorough examination of all current laws in that area. First ascertain if all laws in this area are enforced for all people equally, are these laws enforceable period? If they are not enforced but are enforceable, then they must be funded and enforced or repealed. If they are unenforceable they must be repealed before any new bills can be introduced in this area. This should be required in all areas of law. No new bills until all Blue,laws, unenforced laws are repealed! Then all bills introduced would have to cite Constitutional Authority, the amount of funding required to enforce the law, and where that funding was to come from.

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