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Gun Control Lies, Plots and Conspiracies | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

Gun Control Lies, Plots and Conspiracies

“Lie” can no longer be used in written or spoken English. It is politically incorrect and considered offensive. It’s better to say “misspoke” or “slightly exaggerated” rather than call it a lie. That is, of course, if you believe in political correctness. I do not.

Gun control advocates lie. They lie all the time. The end justifies the means in their minds. They know what is best for us. Guns are evil and anyone who owns a gun is a bad person.

Gun control wonks attempt to reinterpret the Second Amendment. Liberal professors and advocates try to pretend the very clear and unequivocal wording of the Second Amendment does not really mean what it says: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” We bourgeois citizens just are not smart enough to understand what the Founders really meant. They, however, in their largesse and with their superior intellects, will guide us to utopia by interpreting for us, taking our gun rights away, and all will live happily ever after.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court has consistently and repeatedly ruled against these dweebs that want us to ignore the Second Amendment, as they know how to best protect our families. Hail King George.

Gun Control SideGun control advocates are a tenacious lot though: “Their way or the highway” as the saying goes. They hope to get the next generation on their side by shaping our culture into something more amenable to their belief system. They have succeeded in implementing public school polices to promote their view that guns are evil. The mere mention of guns is supposed to send shudders up and down your spine, make you form the sign against the evil eye, and cross yourself. School districts enact rules that expel kindergartners from school for merely drawing a gun. Children get expelled if their fingers take on the shape of a gun. They hope this way our children will be indoctrinated in their ideology at a young enough age that eventually when they grow up, the Second Amendment will be ignored or overturned.

Like the current Commander in Chief, if the courts order gun control advocates to cease and desist, they merely ignore the order or make up new rules. The new rules then require gun rights groups to engage in endless expensive litigation to force a state, local or federal entity to obey the constitution and the law. The gun ownership law in the District of Columbia is a perfect example. A Supreme Court ruling forced the District to change their strict gun laws, and allow citizens to own and store guns in the homes.  Through a Supreme Court decision a few years ago, the DC government made it, literally, impossible to meet the gun registration, ownership and storage requirements. Citizen rights groups had to file another law suit, several in fact, to force DC to comply with the court’s ruling. Those suits are still pending.

Lies of omission are another tactic that the gun control shills use to promote their cause. They love to manipulate statistics. Toting “increase in gun violence” or “murder rate rises” without giving you any context or the exact nature of the statistic they quote. “Guns are to blame!” “Ban all guns and all will be well!” They avoid the plethora of statistics supporting the decrease in gun deaths and violent crime when legitimate citizens are armed like the plague.

Today, lying is no longer frowned upon. This is especially true of gun control advocates. They believe they know better than the Founding Fathers. Those of us that believe in the constitution are mere atavistic, unsophisticated fools who don’t understand that if we only allowed our “betters” to guide us, the world would be a better place.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Bill Gaskill

Mr. Gaskill has over 20 years of extensive international experience with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, U.S. Department of State, followed by 10+ years in the corporate sector.During his career at State, he developed and led comprehensive security programs in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America.He was Chief of Security at five U.S. Embassies:Tel Aviv, Athens, Lima, Nicosia and Lome.He has worked in more than 144 countries and has an extensive network of global contacts.His areas of professional expertise include risk assessments, physical security, access control, guard force operations and management, counter terrorism, investigations, foreign security liaison, personal protection and Emergency Plans and Preparations.

As Vice President of a Security Fusion Center, Bill has provided risk management advice and direction to major Fortune 100 defense industry, ultra high net worth and other clients.

As Global Director for Security, Alem International, Bill planned and directed all facets of the security and risk mitigation strategies for the 2004 Olympic Torch Relay that took place in over 34 countries.

Bill was commissioned as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Officer in the US Army immediately after college.

Mr. Gaskill has a Bachelor of Science degree in Ancient History with a math minor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.He has a current Top Secret/SCI clearance.He has professional fluency ratings in Spanish, Greek, Hebrew and French, and has a working knowledge of Russian.
Bill Gaskill

3 thoughts on “Gun Control Lies, Plots and Conspiracies

  1. Only the Left can lie because they know that everything they believe in is a lie. It is our duty to confront the Left at every turn and expose their lies for being just that, a lie.

  2. A Lie is a LIE ! No matter if you dress up a pig, put lipstick on it, it is still a Pig ! Right is Right and Wrong is still Wrong ! All the sheeple have blinders on and are led by their noses to the government troff. WAKE UP America ! The Sheepdogs will try to protect you, but there are just not enuff of us to help you all.
    Semper Fi
    T. Smith

  3. Great article. Dead on, and accurate. It is absolutely disgusting to me the way leftists are living by the lie on all topics, and getting away with it. Adolph Hitler and his gang of Nazi goons knew that if you told a lie loud enough and long enough, it will eventually become the truth. Amazing how history really does repeat itself. Not to mention, what they are doing to our children when we send them to school. People need to wake up.

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