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Great Prophet 9: So Iran Thinks They Can Sink a Nimitz Carrier? | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

Great Prophet 9: So Iran Thinks They Can Sink a Nimitz Carrier?

I ran across an article the other day about a French submarine, operating as an enemy during a training exercise, that was able to target and claim they had destroyed the USS Theodore Roosevelt and most of her escorting ships. All joking aside, the French have a formidable fleet and are professional and well-trained sailors. The results of the exercise should provoke a lively debate in the US Navy about the survivability of the aircraft carriers and how the ships can be better protected.

The resurgent Russian state is targeting US and allied destroyers and cruisers in the Black Sea, training their pilots on how to evade ship’s defenses and become familiar with the idea of attacking US Navy ships. By training against potential enemies, even if the Russian behavior is, as the captain of the USS Donald Cook said, “provocative and inconsistent with international agreements,” is a viable form of training. Provocative it may be, but ship commanders and anti-air warfare specialists can learn a lot about both Russian tactics and our response from them.

The Iranian exercise Great Prophet 9.
The Iranian exercise Great Prophet 9.

Then there is Great Prophet 9, the Iranian exercise where they used speedboats and land-launched missiles to destroy a mockup of a Nimitz-class carrier. Although the article was interesting, it didn’t make me think that the Navy should refine its tactics to deal with Iran. It did make me realize, though, that the Iranians were showing terrorists that an American carrier could be vulnerable to suicide tactics.

Granted, the attack against the USS Cole in 2000 showed that American ships could be vulnerable, but there is a huge difference between attacking a destroyer and attacking an aircraft carrier. There is a huge difference between Great Prophet 9 and reality, for that matter.

“American aircraft carriers are very big ammunition depots housing a lot of missiles, rockets, torpedoes and everything else,” said Admiral Ali Fadavi, head of the Revolutionary Guard’s navy. He forgot to mention that they are also the most well-protected ships on the planet with plenty of escorting vessels to insure that speedboats won’t get close enough to use hand-held missile launchers against them. The admiral has said that his forces are capable of sinking US aircraft carriers.

The admiral might be right, in the most unimaginable set of circumstances that would ever come to pass. If the carrier was operating without escorts, if the carrier had forgotten to bring airplanes and if all of the defenses on the carrier were inoperable, then it might be possible for small boats to hurt a carrier.

“We’re quite confident of our naval forces’ ability to defend themselves,” said Commander Kevin Stephens, spokesman for the 5th fleet. “It seems they’ve attempted to destroy the equivalent of a Hollywood movie set.”

The Iranians aren’t stupid, but, the lesson they were attempting to show with the attack on the fake carrier would only be a message that terrorists were desperate enough to listen to.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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4 thoughts on “Great Prophet 9: So Iran Thinks They Can Sink a Nimitz Carrier?

  1. Aircraft Carriers are just obsolete survivors from the decade after the Second World War. In a conflict with some Russian submarines, the fourth generation of nuclear subs are now considered the best in the World with their famous shipwreck rockets and shkval torpedoes with no western analogues at all – these carriers have no chance at all to survive, they can just impress when bombing some third or fourth World country, as usual, to show off US military “strength” for the television, like on Iraq or Somalia… even the Vietnamese kicked American ass despite their prominent Carriers just four decades ago.

    1. 1) How many carriers did the Vietnamese sink?
      2) The US killed 1 million of them, they killed 50,000 US, that is 20:1.
      3) The US had the VC headed to the surrender table with its FULL military.
      A helicopter army, light infantry, has no chance to win outnumbered 1,000:1.
      The US’s helicopter army did not and will not win in Afghanistan either.
      But, if so desired, the US could have taken territory from both Iran and Pakistan and built a 6 lane highway & railroad from a new port city on the Indian ocean to Kabul. Today, Iran in building a fence along that border – why?

  2. AS far as Russian “simulated” attacks against US ships. Warn them then let them have a “simulated” missile.

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