General Mattis to the Rescue?

If you are one of the people who think that the current slanderous knife fight between Cruz and Trump on the Republican side and the unending challenge to Hillary’s coronation by Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side does not present enough drama, the Republican powers that be, also known as the establishment, are on your side.

Smarting over the defeat of their chosen standard bearer Jeb Bush and the underwhelming support garnered by Marco Rubio, the establishment is trotting out a new plan. Instead of understanding and adapting to the antiestablishment success of Trump and Cruz, the movers and shakers in Washington, DC are planning their own presidential coup.

The theory, first revealed by the Daily Beast, means getting Marine Corps General John Mattis to run. Not as a Republican or Democrat – it appears that the authors of the plan are not confident enough in their anointed candidate to subject him to winning a primary – but as a third-party independent. General Mattis’ personal popularity will – according to the plan – capture states that Obama won in 2012 and prevent the Republican or Democrat candidate from getting the 270 electoral votes that they need to win the presidency.

With no majority, the presidential race will be determined by the House of Representatives. Currently, the Republicans have a solid majority in the House and the Draft Mattis movement is hoping that the House will find General Mattis more palatable than either Cruz or Trump.

General Mattis
General Mattis

If all of this sounds implausible, it isn’t, but it would require a great deal of luck, the rejection of the will of the voters and – perhaps the most difficult part of the plan – the agreement of General Mattis. That, of course, is the difference between reality and the Republican establishment dreams. General Mattis, at least so far, has not been interested in running for political office.

“I think if he is asked, his initial response will be somewhere between ‘no’ and ‘hell no,’” said John Noonan, a leader of the Draft Mattis movement and former Jeb Bush adviser. “But I do think this race is serious enough, and Donald Trump’s foreign policy is worrisome enough, to make him consider it.

Political movements have been built on less. But every time that a third party has appeared to challenge the status quo in a presidential election, splitting the vote has actually made it easier for the less qualified candidates to win. Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose party split the Republican vote and allowed Woodrow Wilson to win the presidency. In more modern times, Ross Perot split the Republican party helping Bill Clinton defeat George Bush.

However, this presidential election is one of the few in my lifetime where the people who are voting against a specific candidate outnumber the voters who are excited about their party’s chosen standard bearer. Even before the conventions, it has become apparent that none of the current candidates enjoy a positive political image. Flaws with candidates are not uncommon, but when the negative image drives voters to declare Never Trump or Anyone but Hillary, the flaws need more attention.

If there ever was a time for the Draft Mattis movement to gain traction, it is now. This election will be won by the person who can best overcome their negative impression on both their own party and their opponents.

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