Freedom of Speech or Disrespecting the Flag?

I understand the ignorance that the two on the moped displayed because I see it all too often at campuses around the country. A liberal mindset of passivity. The wrong thing here is that the flag does not represent the government that they are against. It represents this great country that we love.

It is not freedom of speech, nor is it someone displaying that our government is in distress or falling. Our government is quite the opposite, in fact. It has more power over the people then it has ever had. I take it as a direct disrespect to the men and woman who put on a uniform when someone clearly disrespects the flag like they did. It wasn’t distress. They dropped the flag on the ground and the two men recovered it.

American FlagSome people say shame on the two men for infringing on the rights of the two on the moped. For that I would like to confront the naysayers and point a stout finger at them and let them know that they are what is wrong with this country. I still believe that every morning schools should recite the pledge of allegiance. “I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and for the republic for which it stands- one nation, under God, indivisible- with Liberty, and Justice for all.”

Putting my personal beliefs aside for a moment, I want to acknowledge why I joined the Army to begin with. It was with the belief that I would be protecting the chance for basic human rights to live on. I wanted to ensure that the word freedom kept its meaning. In looking at what and why I joined, it was with not only those ideas, but the idea that everyone should have the freedom to do as they wish in most aspects.

[blockquote]”The wrong thing here is that the flag does not represent the government that they are against. It represents this great country that we love.”[/blockquote]As time goes forward it seems like we are only constrained with more rules and laws. I would like to point out that it was in fact illegal for those two men to display the flag inconsistent with laws pertaining to our great nation’s colors. It may have been symbolic for those two ignorant men, but that doesn’t make it any less illegal. I believe the pretense in which these guys pulled out the flag and hung it upside down was a sign of disrespect.

I am not a huge fan of the current state of our government either but the greatness of this country has ebbed and flowed for years. We have our peaks and our valleys. Unfortunately right now we are in a valley with this current administration. The question you must ask yourself in whether this was right or wrong is, “how far are you willing to let people go to not offend them yet let them dance on your own beliefs?”

I for one would have raced the soldier and marine to snatch that flag back. The fact is I probably wouldn’t have let up till I would have caught up with the two and confronted them. This is America. IF you don’t like it, the door is right over there. It’s time we got back to kicking ass and taking names. Because as of late I am fairly certain the rest of the world thinks we are a joke.

Rob Saucier

Operations Director at US Patriot
Rob Saucier spent over a decade in the US Army as an Infantryman serving in various roles ranging from Sniper Team Leader to Drill Sgt. During his numerous tours in combat, Rob realized he likes long walks, large caliber rifles and punching people in the neck.So much so that he decided to take a job as a government contractor after being medically retired in 2008. He joined US Patriot Tactical in 2013 after his wife had their first child. Rob is employed with US Patriot Tactical as their Operations Director. In his off time, Rob enjoys Crossfit, watching South Carolina Gamecock Baseball, and spending time with his wife and son.
Rob Saucier

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