Four Ways to Carry Ammo (and Have It Ready On Demand)

Gun buyers spend a lot of time focusing on finding the perfect gun, but unfortunately, they often overlook the best gear that allows for carrying excess ammo. After all, carrying extra ammunition is vital for anyone who wants to be prepared for any emergency.

Extra ammo is useless if you can’t get to it. Likewise, if the ammo is in some sort of container or locked box that’s hard to open when you really need it, it is a problem.

Even if your pistol only holds a 17-round magazine, it’s vital to store extra ammo in case personal defense becomes a necessity.

Magazine Pouches

There are a variety of configurations for magazine pouches, such as nylon, plastic, and leather. There are also double- and single-stack options. Most of the pouches are universal, which means they’ll hold a variety of ammo. Some models have adjustable top flaps, while others are slightly more bulky in nature. Some will fit comfortably inside your pant pockets, while others are meant to ride outside on a belt, like a police officer’s pouch.

There are also inside-the-waistband options that feature a C-hook, which is a metal clip to attach to your belt or pants. Most of these options can be used inside and outside of the pants.

For individuals who are considering an inside-the-waistband option, it’s important to try it on while wearing a holster and firearm. It’s possible that the excess will be too much for those wishing to conceal their extra magazines.

Molded Magazine Carriers

Modern magazine carriers may be made of molded polymers. These options are generally higher-tech, which means they’re lightweight and less bulky than some leather pouches or older options.

Generally speaking, molded magazine carriers are formed in a manner that is stable, yet comfortable. Some may include an option for a small flashlight and another container for a magazine. Others will hold two magazines.

Belt and Harness Magazine Carriers

For the most part, the options listed above are created for magazines that sit in a vertical manner. But there are also horizontal magazine carriers. These options generally double up as a belt, with the individual magazine resting on the back.

Sometimes, these horizontal options make it difficult to store more than one magazine, so this isn’t the best carrier for those who want to have two. There are also harness carriers that rest on the back or underneath the arm, if the gun is on the hip.

Ankle Magazine Holster

Finally, there’s the ankle magazine holster. The ankle is not the best option when it comes to reaching for a second clip, but it’s better than not having extra ammunition when you need it.

In addition, for those individuals who store a gun on one ankle, they could use the other ankle for additional magazines. This option lets you store one or two magazines.

As you can see, there are a number of options to comfortably carry your ammunition. Which one you choose ultimately depends on what you need and what you are most comfortable with. Try out your different options and then decide what works best for you.

A Note on Concealed Weapon Ammo

For individuals who want to carry a concealed weapon, it’s important to also carry concealed ammunition. But, like a concealed weapon, this ammo should be easy to get to.

If someone sees your magazine rig, the person can likely determine that you also have a firearm with you. With this thought in mind, it’s vital to carry extra tote rounds in a comfortable manner while standing or sitting.

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