Force Reductions Are Crippling Our Military and Our Future Ability to Protect Ourselves and Our Allies

Year after year, the military has been left with a smaller chunk of the federal budget. Each time it happens projects are deferred, pay raises are slowed down and personnel cuts hit each branch of the armed forces. Our military is currently being cut to its smallest size since World War II. Unfortunately, the world has not become any safer over the last few years. The number and size of conflicts the United States is either involved with or could potentially effect has not changed over the last twenty years.

The precipitate withdrawal in Iraq destabilized the entire region and allowed ISIS to conquer large parts of the area. Iran has also used the American withdrawal to increase their role as a regional power at the expense of our traditional allies in the region. The announced drawdown of forces in Afghanistan will give Al Qaida breathing room to rebuild and infiltrate areas of the country that American forces have kept them out of.

Russia recognized early that the continued and ill planned reduction in American military forces in the area gave them the opportunity to supplant American power with their own. When the American government acquiesced to being replaced in the Middle East, Russia turned its attention to its own neighbors and bullied, threatened and invaded while an impotent American military stood by. The political will was not there, so the military was not called on.

Force ReductionOur allies in NATO watched the United States abrogate its responsibilities as “policeman of the world,” and realized that the current government would bend and shift positions on the alliances forged in the aftermath of World War II to avoid conflict.

China, pressing hard in the Pacific, also watched and learned. They saw a United States that had at long last become what Washington accused China of being for decades. America is a paper tiger and the Chinese, with their hands dipped deeply in our economy, have nothing to worry about from our military. The recent hacking of the OPM has given China the advantage in espionage affairs and one more leg that the United States stands on has been swept away.

Unfortunately, the American public has been blinded. We reserve our outrage for white people claiming to be black, men claiming to be women, allowing gays to marry and pulling down the Confederate flag from the national memory. The public is more interested in being offended than in protecting what our ancestors have built.

The government is busy writing treaties that they cannot, and will not, enforce; abrogating, again, our position as the sole remaining super-power in the world. Allowing the Iranian nuclear treaty to pass will be this administration’s legacy. Allowing another third-world regime to build nuclear weapons, as Bill Clinton’s administration allowed the North Koreans to build the bomb, and reducing the military to impotence will be what will be remembered after President Obama rides off into post-presidential life.

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