EDC Setups for Different Situations

Whether you know it or not, you already have an EDC setup. Everyday Carry, or EDC, means the items you carry with you every day that are essential to your daily routine. It can be things you always carry on your person, like a watch or smartphone, or items you have in your vehicle, like a first-aid kit. EDC items can be pretty much anything from a pen to a handgun. Of course, they will vary from person to person and situation to situation.

To give you an idea of different EDC setups, here are three different examples. (I am excluding cell phones and wallets since I’m sure pretty much everyone already carries those two items on a regular basis.)

The Commonplace

This setup is good for most situations. It is the most minimalistic and a good base for any great setup.

  • Knife: The knife is essential to all setups. I’m not going to focus on which knife you should carry, just the fact that you need one. Something small and versatile is perfect because it is probably carried in a pant pocket. Whether you use it to cut stuff open or as self-defense, a knife is always handy and usually legal to carry.
  • Pen: Once a common item, fewer and fewer people carry pens. If you get in a pickle and need to jot something down or leave a message, a pen will come in handy. The best type of pen to carry is an Uzi glassbreaker pen, which not only writes, but can also break glass should you become trapped in a vehicle.
  • Watch: I know you have your phone on you, but what if it dies? What if it gets stolen? If your watch includes a compass or GPS, it is an added bonus. There are many tactical watches that have additional features that can help in a survival or travel situation.

The OTR (Over the Road)

This one goes out to the truckers and long-haul drivers out there. Anyone who spends extended periods of time in a vehicle, mainly in populated areas, will find this kit useful. Bring the items in the Commonplace kit above, plus:

  • Protein Bars/Snack Mix: Traveling the open roads from place to place means you’re likely to run into all types of weather. It is a good idea to keep high-protein and high-carb items in your vehicle in case you get stuck.
  • Road Flares: While I understand that your vehicle has hazard lights, batteries don’t last forever. Neither do flares, but they are extremely bright and waterproof, so even if it is raining, they’ll light. It is a good idea to have them as a backup.
  • Multi-tool: If something happens, a multi-tool provides some basic tools that can be used to repair small issues with your vehicle. A multi-tool can come in handy for plenty of other things as well.
  • Tool Kit: While a multi-tool has a lot of useful items, vehicles have gotten more complex, and we’re past the days of keeping a spare belt and wrench in the glove box. So keep a small tool bag with some essential tools in it: flat and Phillips screwdrivers, code reader, socket set, extension, and ratchet. But don’t toss out your car manufacturer’s toolkit just yet. It usually includes a tool to remove your wheels in case of a flat.
  • Hygiene Kit: This one should go without saying, but for some reason, I feel the need to include it.
  • Flashlight: If you break down on the road and have nothing more than the stars to show you the way, you’ll probably need something brighter. A small LED flashlight will do wonders.
  • Blanket: In cold weather, you should always carry a blanket with you. Once your vehicle is no longer running, the heater won’t work.

The Tech Guru

The tech guru setup is perfect for those who live and die by their mobile devices or laptops. In this day and age, the dream is to be able to make a living with nothing more than your computer and phone while you travel the world. In addition to the items in the Commonplace kit, you should carry:

  • Headphones: Whether you’re coding the next big app at Starbucks or editing your latest vlog, headphones will allow you to drown out the rest of the world and focus on the task at hand.
  • Flash Drive: Nothing is worse than running out of space. Flash drives have gotten much cheaper and much smaller, so you can easily carry them. Some models can simply be added to your keychain.
  • Portable Battery: Finding an outlet can be hard. Just think about those commercials of people at the airport jockeying for an outlet. Mophie has a battery back for pretty much anything, and there are other companies that manufacture super robust batteries that can charge even the most power-hungry laptops.

You may have noticed the lack of a handgun in these EDC setups. While a gun would be part of the Commonplace, I decided to exclude it because of the lack of a universal carry law. If you’re adding a handgun to your EDC setup, make sure you follow all applicable state and federal laws. And remember, there is always room to add or take away from these suggested setups.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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