Easy Carry or Maximum Preparedness?

What do you set as your priority when it comes to everyday carry (EDC)? Is it more important to have items on you that are convenient to carry, or is it better to carry those items that ensure you are the most prepared, regardless of how heavy they are? Throughout the years, I have changed this strategy for myself so many times that I am still undecided which is the most effective. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios. This article will go through the different items that can be used in both scenarios to help you determine which may be best for your personal situation.

The Knife

Every person with an animal warrior spirit carries a knife. I know a few people on deployment who would carry three or four knives with them everywhere they went (to never use them, I might add). The question that needs to be asked is: Why do you need to carry that knife? Is it for protection, for survival, or because “you just never know”? It is important to know the true reason you are carrying a knife because there is a difference between easy carry and maximum preparedness when it comes to this item. If you are more concerned with securing your protection or surviving the apocalypse, having a blade that locks and is sturdy is important. If you are carrying a knife because you just want to be prepared, then something smaller and less invasive (such as a multi-tool) may be the better fit for you.

A Light Source

When it comes to a light source, there are a ton of possibilities in terms of size, overall illumination, and energy source. When you are aiming for easy carry, you would have a small flashlight with AA batteries. These are easy to replace and have enough power to light up a small space in front of you. However, if you want to ensure maximum preparedness, you can go even further and get LED high-vis flashlights with solar power. Although they can be bigger and are harder to carry around, they come in handy when you need a high-powered light source at night.


This item is no longer as simple as having a small cigarette lighter in your pocket. With the capabilities of having high temp flames contained in small packages, this allows the survivability to increase. Although one can always carry a regular lighter, it is important to consider wetness, long-term output, features that ensure prolonged stays outside of normal parameters, when thinking from a survival standpoint.


With the number of tactical pens out there and the unique features they offer, this can be a difficult choice. However, in the realm of easy carry and maximum preparedness, this is simple. A pen is an easy carry, but the preparation part is completely up to you. What functions do you need in your pen? Are you going to collect DNA samples during a midnight brawl, or do you need a pen that includes a light and flame source? Again, determining why you need this EDC item helps you decide what kind of tactical pen to choose.


Lastly, a notebook is a key to EDC. Looking for an easy carry to take notes on so you don’t forget the memos you have to send out later could be really important. In that case, a little pocket notebook would be best for you. But, if you might have to write things down while experiencing high wind speeds in treacherous terrain, then a coated all-weather Rite in the Rain notebook with a protector may be more beneficial.

Finally, the important part to remember is the reason why you need to have an everyday carry kit at all. With this in mind, tailor your items to what you need to be successful, and the choice between easy carry and maximum preparedness EDC will be easy.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Jeffrey Sabins

Jeff is an experienced operations manager with a background serving in the USMC as a infantry unit leader. His education includes a Certificate in Fitness and Nutrition, Bachelor of Arts in Terrorism Intelligence, and is currently working through his Masters in Organizational Leadership. He currently writes articles, short stories, product reviews, and assists companies with curriculum management and CPI processes.
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1 thought on “Easy Carry or Maximum Preparedness?

  1. Good call on the multi-tool versus the knife. For those of us who don’t work in law enforcement or military, carrying a knife can be a bit problematic in some places due to various laws regarding blade length in certain areas. It can also be a bit socially awkward to whip out a 5″ blade to open a box in the office.

    I’ve personally had some issues with carrying a knife in my check-in luggage at airports as well. (The security noticed it on the x-ray and made a big stink over it, even though it was not in a carry-on bag and was also in the original retail packaging.) However, if I had had a multi-tool instead, I doubt that I would have had any issues.

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