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Dogma and Progressives | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

Dogma and Progressives

Many, I am sure, remember the Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf during the Iraq War. He quickly became known as “Bagdad Bob.” I recall being amused nightly watching him on TV. According to him, Iraq was winning the war, American troops were committing suicide, there were no bombs falling (when in the background you could see cruise missile strikes) and all was well.

We already have our own version of Bagdad Bob: the White House Spokesperson.

There is a difference between spin and dogma. Spin is when someone, usually a politician or large corporation, tries to twist or “spin” a story to fit a particular belief system or corporate value. You can question spin, create your own version, or argue about the merits.

Dogma, however, is something different. Dogma goes beyond spin. It may be part of the spin, but it signifies a firm, unwavering belief in something. Dogma means a doctrine, ideology or belief system that adherents “know” is true and hence cannot be questioned – even with firm evidence that contradicts it. Anyone who disagrees with someone’s dogma is dismissed as a crackpot or fool. Bagdad Bob and the White House Spokesperson, on behalf of the Administration’s progressive supporters, spout dogma, not spin.

DogmaHere in the United States, the progressives have their own dogma they like to propagate. For example, we can trust Iran. Despite their record of lying, exporting terrorism, being directly responsible for terrorist acts that claimed American lives, etc., we are supposed to believe the administration. If we question their position, we are branded idiots.

President Obama recently, when questioned about the sale of one of the most sophisticated anti-missile systems on the planet to Iran by Russia, very casually admitted that he knew about the possible sale since 2009! It was not important for Americans to know since, under this belief system, it doesn’t matter. We can trust Iran. Of course, to non-believers like me this is absurd. Now that the Iranians will soon have an advanced anti-missile system to protect their nuclear facilities, all they have to do is continue their delaying tactics.

Soon, any use of force by the West, including by our ally Israel, is no longer a realistic possibility. That card, one of the strongest ones the West has to deter nuclear weapons development by rogue states like Iran, is off the table. Of course, I and anyone else who does not accept the administration’s dogma must be ignorant.

Cuba is another example. President Obama is bragging about shaking hands with Raul Castro. Castro’s Cuba no longer exports terrorism. The same Castro’s Cuba that illegally sells arms to rogue groups and nations, trains terrorists and jails and tortures dissidents. Not to mention, this is the same Castro’s Cuba that currently harbors cop-killer JoAnne Chesimard, AKA Assat Shakur. We are told we must believe them though when they tell us this is a fantastic foreign policy development.

The administration is not spinning anything. There is no room for dissent in their minds. They are, like Bagdad Bob, trying to convince the world of something that obviously is not true. They insist that their dogma, despite all the evidence to the contrary, must be accepted as gospel.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Bill Gaskill

Mr. Gaskill has over 20 years of extensive international experience with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, U.S. Department of State, followed by 10+ years in the corporate sector.During his career at State, he developed and led comprehensive security programs in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America.He was Chief of Security at five U.S. Embassies:Tel Aviv, Athens, Lima, Nicosia and Lome.He has worked in more than 144 countries and has an extensive network of global contacts.His areas of professional expertise include risk assessments, physical security, access control, guard force operations and management, counter terrorism, investigations, foreign security liaison, personal protection and Emergency Plans and Preparations.

As Vice President of a Security Fusion Center, Bill has provided risk management advice and direction to major Fortune 100 defense industry, ultra high net worth and other clients.

As Global Director for Security, Alem International, Bill planned and directed all facets of the security and risk mitigation strategies for the 2004 Olympic Torch Relay that took place in over 34 countries.

Bill was commissioned as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Officer in the US Army immediately after college.

Mr. Gaskill has a Bachelor of Science degree in Ancient History with a math minor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.He has a current Top Secret/SCI clearance.He has professional fluency ratings in Spanish, Greek, Hebrew and French, and has a working knowledge of Russian.
Bill Gaskill

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