Deployment Resiliency Counselors and Chaplains

Difficult times exist everywhere, and the Navy is no different. Sailors have their moments of weakness and times when they need a shoulder to cry on. For these moments the Navy has at their disposal a Deployment Resiliency Counselor or chaplains who can provide sailors with advice and a listening ear in the harshest of moments. The Deployment Resiliency Counseling Program is one of the most humane aspects of the Navy, and one that deserves more recognition than it already receives. The counselors actually deploy with Sailors and have appointments throughout the day to accommodate the hours of sailors that need them.

This availability is important in multiple regards. Accompanying sailors during an already stressful time is a form of showing empathy for the sailors who have left their families in order to deploy. Equally the resiliency counselor also leaves their family behind in order to accompany these brave young men and women. The protocol for their counseling is the same as others; they are to keep everything patient confidentiality unless the member relies upon any threat to others or themselves, and or any other dangerous intentions. Keeping all of this in mind, there is practically nothing else a sailor can’t relay to a counselor without receiving some healthy advice and techniques to cope with stress in the high-paced environment of the ship. For those who are more religiously oriented, the chaplains serve a similar function to the resiliency counselor, but on a more faith-based approach.

Chaplains have been a long standing part of the military culture. While their job is often described as being providing religious services to sailors, their job extends past that, and into the realm of mental health. The chaplains provide similar services to a resiliency counselor in many aspects, and sailors don’t only respect them for being officers, but rather for their humane and empathic approach to their sailors. Their meaningful words are often derived from lessons in religious scriptures and can provide sailors with the resolve to endure their situation despite the circumstances. The availability of these services continues increasing as the years pass and the Navy has shown a very progressive stance on the care of their sailors.

The military has been a leading movement in the terms of psychological treatment for their sailors. Regardless of what unit or location a member is assigned, chances are that they will find psychological and psychiatric help, during a moment of crisis. It’s incredible to witness the care and quality of these doctors and professionals who offer help to the sailors who willingly sacrifice their lives for their country. These highly trained professionals offer a variety of treatments and if the patient does not click with the specific doctor assigned to their treatment they can always request another one. All of these steps help ensure the military that situations like the ones in the 60’s where sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ended up homeless and untreated are avoided. Resiliency counselors are just a small part of this puzzle which has saved the lives of countless sailors and families throughout its implementation. Whether it’s a chaplain, resiliency counselor, doctor, or social worker they are present for those sailors and Marines in need.

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