Deconstructing the Myth

The US Military is arguably the most advanced fighting force in the entire world. This isn’t an opinion so much as a fact of life. Our Naval might is felt in every corner of the world. Individual soldiers on the ground can see in almost absolute darkness and carry the best weapons in the world. Our attack helicopters can fly so high and hit so accurately that the poor saps on the ground never knew what hit them. We have missiles that can hit a car from half a world away and drones that can level entire enemy compounds without the pilot ever having to leave stateside. Our military has been engaged in two wars with an enemy that is woefully outclassed by our technology and training in every way possible, and we still haven’t actually won.

So the question I raise to you today is this: How do we expect to fight an opponent who is on equal footing with the United States? Despite all the advantages previously mentioned, there are others countries (some hostile, some not) who are a match for American military might in one regard or another. Putting swelling patriotic pride to the side for a moment, when comparing ourselves to our closest rivals (Russian and China) the fight is a little closer than you might think. And while arguments over technologies, tanks, jets, drones and aircraft carriers could fill a paper five times as long as this article, it’s the mindset that I want to zero in on in this particular post.

As mentioned, we have been fighting a war for the past 13 years against a (comparatively speaking) archaic enemy. Fighting the Taliban/ISIS/Al Qaeda led to massive doctrinal changes in the way the US fights wars. This shift in tactics and strategy and the focus on technologies that have no real counter in our current areas of conflict begs the question of how prepared we are to fight a stand-up the fight against another First world country. A particular example that comes to mind is infrared technology. The Taliban isn’t known for using night vision, and the US military uses it consistently across all branches. What happens when we go against someone who can counter it or use our tech against us? Adapting and overcoming is always an answer but having to give up such a huge advantage on the battlefield will certainly be detrimental to our fighting force.

No, what our trainers and doctrine Commands must do is prepare our military for the inevitable day when we don’t rule the sky or the seas or the land and must contend with an enemy as motivated, trained and equipped as our own. Because history is a glimpse into the future and powerhouse countries cannot avoid war forever.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Matthew Bartley

Matthew Bartley served 3 1/2 years as an Army Infantryman and deployed to Iraq earning a Combat Infantryman's Badge for his troubles. He now divides his time between family, his work, his writing and too many hobbies for one man to handle.
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