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Changes to Military Pay for “Force of the Future” Soldiers: Part One | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

Changes to Military Pay for “Force of the Future” Soldiers: Part One

There may be some very big changes to how military personnel are paid in the not-so-distant future. This comes from Defense Secretary Carter who recently laid out his plan for the first part of his “Force of the Future” overhaul. Parts of this plan will no doubt cause some concern with those who get paid through the Defense Department.

At its core, Carter is proposing that pay be linked to what he calls “talent management” scales. According to a fact sheet recently released, the Pentagon wants to change pay scales to reflect these so-called “talent management principles.”

Of course, the information put out did not actually define what talent management means. Other details were also missing. According to one official, the intent of the change is reform how the military pays soldiers and sailors. They want to get pay to be more in-line with how private companies pay their employees in order to get the best “talent.”

PaycheckThis official said: “Right now everyone is paid the same based on your rank and time in grade. That isn’t necessarily how America’s leading companies do that — you might be on the same team and you make different amounts [depending on what skills a person has].”

The argument is that paying all E-5 personnel, for instance, the same amount, regardless of the skills those personnel have, can lead to the military not being able to attract higher skilled personnel such as IT or cyber-specialists. The issue, of course, is how to do that.

Some of the proposals that are being discussed include giving more time off to certain skilled persons or to offer other types of enticements to those personnel. These proposals fall in line with what Carter has said in the past about making the military operate more like a corporation.

This same type of thinking was behind Carter’s change in how the Pentagon buys supplies and weapon systems. Some, but not all, of Carter’s changes will need approval from Congress.

There is no definitive deadline for the new pay proposals to go into effect. This makes sense as these changes will be dramatic. With President Obama’s term coming to an end, Carter is moving as quickly as possible as it is likely that he will be out, too, at that time.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this important story…

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Robert Partain

Robert Partain has been a professional writer for over 25 years. He spent ten years on active duty in the Army working as a medic and training NCO. While he covers any topic associated with military life, he specializes in writing about legislation that can affect active duty service members and veterans. Robert currently lives in the small town of Arab, Alabama.
Robert Partain

2 thoughts on “Changes to Military Pay for “Force of the Future” Soldiers: Part One

  1. Soon to be enlisted after I get my diploma man what im reading about these wars and how the economy is going down especially where I live too, I notice it but other teens my age dont really care about this particular stuff because all they want to do is “live the moment” after high school. It’s been driving me crazy for months now how these guys are putting more effort into soldier pay grades, and gas cost going low, economy going to crap every year….there’s something cooking up and they dont want to spread it out to the world yet, I refuse to sit behind a TV waiting for the alert to pop up when I have a broad idea on what’s going to happen soon.

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