California Vs Gun Owners

Almost since the beginning of time, California politicians have made the state one of the strictest if not the strictest on gun control. No, this no that, yet everything those law-abiding citizens cannot have that common criminal can go to his supplier and get high capacity magazines, fully automatic weapons, etc. Under new laws, Californians would be saying good bye to folding/telescoping stocks, pistol grips, detachable magazines, forward grips and flash suppressor.

Other things like an ammunition permit, persons selling over 500 rounds a month must obtain a permit and will be tracked by the DOJ in a database, magazines over 10 rounds must be destroyed, surrendered or moved out of state, even the previously grandfathered ones, and transporting ammunition must be done by a licensed seller. The ammunition permit fees $50 which covers the background check. Why should someone have to pay for another background check to buy ammunition for that weapon they just purchased when they did one for the said weapon?

Just another excuse for California to charge citizens for things. I can see the 500 round monthly sale permits but is anyone other than a gun store or sporting goods store selling more than 500 rounds? Seriously. The hottest topic though, in my opinion, is the detachable magazine law. With the new proposed law would require rifles with a collapsing stock, pistol grip or flash suppressor to have a permanently attached magazine requiring you to take down the lower in order to load rounds from the inside. This is supposed to stop the crazies from using rifles in shootings. Crazy is crazy and will always find a way. What difference does it make if they don’t choose a rifle and go with a handgun? That just means would be shooters have more concealable weapons. I see a flaw right there — shocker.

Really what I don’t understand is how a collapsing stock all of a sudden makes the rifle so much more dangerous. People always say, “no one ever said criminals were smart”, maybe we should start saying that about politicians as well. Okay not maybe but for sure. Just look at some of the claims that have been made. The biggest one that totally irks me is the “assault weapon” moniker. It is a @#$ing rifle! My nerf gun has a pistol grip and collapsible stock, does that make it an assault weapon? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for control but seriously, just do the research.

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