Bowe Bergdahl Facts to Date

The case against Bowe Bergdahl has been in the news a lot lately, and more than a few rumors have started surfacing. Here are some basic facts about Bergdahl and the charges he is facing.

Bowe Bergdahl is now 29 years old. In 2009, he claims he was captured in Afghanistan by local members of the Taliban. He was held by the Taliban for five years, until he was released as part of a prisoner exchange, approved by the Obama administration. Bergdahl was exchanged for five high-ranking Taliban commanders who were being held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

It is alleged that Bergdahl left his post voluntarily, without permission, to walk to another local Army post to report certain issues he felt needed to be addressed by a high-ranking Army officer. He was captured during his journey, his defense attorney says.

The exchange of Bergdahl for Taliban commanders has caused a flurry of debate, not only in the Republican Party but also with many Democrats. At issue is the breaking of the US policy against negotiating with known terrorists.

Bowe Bergdahl after capture
Bowe Bergdahl after capture

Last March, US military prosecutors charged Bergdahl with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. If convicted on these charges, he could face life in prison. However, the preliminary hearing officer on the case, Army Lt. Col. Mark A. Visger, recently made his recommendation that Bergdahl receive no time in jail, and that the charges be referred to a special court-martial.

The commanding general of U.S. Army Forces Command, Gen. Robert Abrams, will have to decide if the case should be referred to a court-martial or not. Currently, there is no time-line for Abrams’ decision.

Bergdahl’s defense lawyers have already asked that the case be disposed through nonjudicial punishment (Article 15) instead of through a courts-martial proceeding.

Bowe Bergdahl is currently stationed in Texas at Fort Sam Houston.

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