Best Tactical Gloves for Military and Law Enforcement

Just as tactical clothing has evolved to meet the needs of military, law enforcement, and civilian demands, so too has hand protection. This article will tell you more about the best tactical gloves for Military and Law Enforcement. Remember, tactical gloves are an accessory that’ll protect your hands from a variety of elements and is sure to help you perform your best.  

What are Tactical Gloves? 

Tactical gloves were engineered to withstand usage in the military, law enforcement, or on other combat missions. They’re essential for optimal performance but are designed for many different tasks and duties — making it crucial you get the right gloves for the right purpose.  

Features to look for in a Tactical Glove: 

  1. Grip

Glove GripThe primary feature for most tactical gloves is improved grip. Whether it’s to grip your firearm, equipment, or ensure you can handle important technology, a glove’s fundamental function is to give you control over the gear you need to complete your mission.   

  1. Mobility

Glove MobilityThere is also the element of mobility. Depending on your tactical mission, you will most likely need your tactical gloves to provide a full range of motion. If you are in the market for hard knuckles, make sure the padding isn’t too thick. If you know you’ll need to function in cold weather climates, be certain there isn’t too much insulation preventing you from performing tasks that require a bit more dexterity.  

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  1. Materials

Glove MaterialsLastly, consider the materials. Your gloves shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Keep in mind that leather gloves provide more durability and waterproofing, while nylon gloves are more breathable. The climate and duties you’ll perform should dictate which type of glove you choose.  

Types of Tactical Gloves: 

Below are some of our top-selling tactical gloves.  

Mechanix Tactical Gloves 

mechanix multicamIf you’re into tactical gear, then Mechanix is a name you know. While their entire line of gloves is popular, their hard knuckle tactical gloves stand out. TheMechanix Wear M-Pact Gloves are made to protect every part of your hand. Each finger is protected with Mechanix’s Impact Guard with EVA foam padding, and the palm is constructed using XRD padding to lessen impact and vibration. Where the gloves get their name is from the Thermal Plastic Rubber knuckle guards. They are meant to protect you from any bone-crushing impact your hands may sustain. All this protection, combined with their TekDry material, make these an excellent pair of tactical gloves for any environment. 


Oakley Flexion Gloves 

oakley flexionOakley has a well-respected reputation for producing top-of-the-line eyewear, but that’s not all they do. They also create long-lasting tactical accessories like the Oakley Flexion Gloves. These gloves feature a Velcro closure to remain secure during the most extreme tactical missions and are engineered with polyester, nylon, spandex, and rubber to provide optimal dexterity without skimping on protection or durability. 


Wiley X Combat Assault Glove 

wiley x blackWhile theWiley X Combat Assault Gloves require a bit more of an investment, you can’t deny the craftsmanship that goes into these black tactical gloves. Constructed using goatskin leather and a lightweight Kevlar Weave throughout the fingers and back of the hand, the Combat Assault Gloves meet the military requirement for flame resistance. In fact, they also meet the requirements for cut and thermal resistance. Protection from the elements aside, the tactical gloves have injection-molded knuckle padding and high wear areas are reinforced with additional leather. Consider your hands protected. 


Tactical Shooting Gloves by HWI Gear 

hwi shooting glovesComing from another well-known brand in tactical gear, the HWI Hard Knuckle Tackle gloves delivers high-performance protection without compromising on mobility. To ensure complete protection from the elements, these gloves are built using a goatskin leather base, a high-grade leather palm, and a fire-, cut-, and impact-resistant Kevlar backing. The gloves also come with a wrapped trigger finger design to create an ideal shooting glove, while maintaining top-of-line protection. 


If you’d like to read more on tactical gloves, read our expert’s pick for the best tactical gloves available.


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