Best Tactical Boots: Survey Says!

A big “thank you” to the over 800 people who participated in our Favorite Tactical Boots survey! We loved reading your responses to the questions. We had respondents from the military, law enforcement, emergency services, and more. Nearly 40% of survey takers are in the Army, 25% in the Air Force, and just under 10% represented law enforcement personnel. We also had a great mix of men and women across all job titles.

Also, our congratulations to USAF engine mechanic at RAF Lakenheath SrA Nicholas Olson-Hubbard for winning the free pair of boots. He chose the Rocky C4T because “it fits very true to size and is a very strong and durable boot. I’ve put close to 200 ruck miles on them and they stay strong.”

So, what was the best tactical boot according to our readers? Here are the survey results!

Best Tactical Boots: Top 5

The top 5 favorite tactical boots were the Nike SFB (original), Rocky S2V (all varieties), Rocky C4T, Nike SFB Field, and the Tactical Research MiniMil. Since the question was open ended, people could answer however they wanted. We had over 100 boots mentioned in the results!

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We asked the participants to tell us why they thought their choice was the best tactical boot. Here is what some of them said…

#1 Nike SFB Original

“Lightweight, no break-in needed, great ruck boot. If you are on your feet all day, there is nothing more comfortable.” Army Drill Sergeant Geoffrey Sweet

“It is the most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn.” USAF TSgt Troy Vickers

“They are so light weight, it’s like wearing tennis shoes. They breathe well and my feet do not sweat.” Chief Deputy, Patrol & Investigations, Terry Gray, Griggs County, ND

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#2 Rocky S2V

“Great tread and comfortable in all weather conditions. They also take almost no time to break in.” USAF Captain Jonathon Kelso

“This boot has been the most comfortable and durable boot that I have owned in my 21 years of Army service.” SFC Christopher Johnston

“They are everlasting and indestructible. The s2v with safety toe has kept my feet comfortable and safe for 3 years now. This has allowed me to always be mission ready and get the job done. I’ve dropped several heavy objects on my feet and I haven’t suffered a single injury. Best boots on the market. I recommend them to all my shop personnel.” USAF Aircrew Flight Equipment Technician Jeremy Dewayne Grissett

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#3 Rocky C4T

“They are so light yet offer protection. They don’t hurt my feet and I feel as though I’m walking on air!!” Army SSG Maria Sandoval

“This boot provides a lot of support to a person’s feet while being lightweight and flexible like a running shoe. They feel like a strong, solid boot while still having the feel of running shoes. People with foot problems such as flat feet will feel relief in these with just the standard insoles which is awesome for people like me. It provides support in places and ways other boots couldn’t. It’s like Rocky took the best attributes of every Army boot there is and put them into the C4T model.” Army SGT Christian Canales

“Light. So light. Yet when you are wearing it you still feel the same support as a heavier combat boot like some Bellevilles, etc.” US Navy E3 FCSN Thomas Nink

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#4 Nike SFB Field

“The lightweight yet comfortable Nike SFB Field feels more like athletic shoes than a military boot. The field version makes them more durable than their predecessor. Even though my job is primarily in garrison, I appreciate having a lighter, more flexible comfortable boot over a rigid boot.” USAF O-2 Andrew Webb

“Comfort and breathable. They remind me of my favorite running shoe, in boot form.” US Army E3 Cavalry Scout Dennis Evans

“Light, comfortable, and well ventilated.” Army National Guard SFC Platoon SGT Michael Walls

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#5 Tactical Research MiniMil

“The MiniMils are both light weight and durable. They’re not only great in a garrison environment but are also field capable, so long as you have feet tolerant enough to hondle the 5mm drop of the MiniMIls. The true allure of this boot for me comes from their ability to provide the sensation of moving barefoot, but still provide the wearer with ankle support and an impact absorbing sole.” ROTC Cadet Zachary Mennell

“Super light, minimilist, no huge heel like other boots, comes in the sage color I need for work and comes in WIDE like I want.” USAF SSGT Jill Corbett

“Lightweight and minimal drop from heel to toe which keeps the knee pain away.” Montgomery County PD Animal Services Division Counselor James F Todd

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All of the feedback from everyone resulted in a cool word cloud… You can see why people loved their boots!


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