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Best Tactical Belts for the Range

As a member of the United States military or as a law enforcement officer, you need accessories that can handle the rigors of the field or be put to the test in a tactical situation – and a solid tactical belt is no exception. We’ve pulled the five best tactical belts, handpicked to deliver unsurpassed quality at a solid price.


Tactical Alta Belt by 5.11

5.11 Tactical Gun BeltSimple and straightforward, the 5.11 Tactical Alta Belt is sturdy enough to carry and hold a few mags. The belt features a parachute-grade buckle and is stitched with bonded nylon thread. We haven’t seen a review that says this didn’t hold up over time. And if you want to use this outside of the range, the tactical belt comes with a triangle D-ring for rappelling.


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CQB Riggers Belt by Blackhawk

Blackhawk Tactical Gun BeltFor some, a rigger’s belt can be a solid option for the range or as a concealed carry option. No matter the circumstance, the Blackhawk CQB Riggers Belt is as tough as they come. Built to withstand over 7,000 pounds of tensile strength, this tactical belt can handle a lot of punishment. Plus, it’s certified to MIL standard 858. If you plan to go with this style of belt, be aware that most are larger than your typical belt loop on civilian pants.


Cobra Gun Belt by Condor

Condor Cobra Gun BeltThis multicam 1.75” wide gun belt can go with you in the field or to the range. The double layer of webbing makes the Condor Cobra Gun Belt a pretty heavy-duty belt, and one that will maintain its shape over the long haul. The belt can accept a holster and a 3” loop to attach a variety of accessories for the range.


Riggers Belt by Rothco

Rothco Tactical BeltYou won’t find a better priced belt than the Rotcho AR 670-1 Compliant Military Riggers Belt. As the name implies, it meets military standards and comes in Coyote to pair nicely with OCP Scorpion uniforms. It measures 1.75” in width so it should fit through most belt loops and is secure enough to handle your holster of choice.


24-7 Range Belt by Tru-Spec

Tru-Spec Gun BeltSmall enough to fit most standard belt loops and strong enough to support a heavy holster. The Tru-Spec 24-7 Series Range Belt is an affordable, comfortable and durable gun belt. It can handle any accessories you want to throw at it and it’s constructed with a metal buckle to emphasize its solid construction.


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NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

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