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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, everyday carry (EDC) items are a popular topic of discussion. Not only are they awesome, but they are also often affordable, convenient, and loved by many. While you can find quality EDC items in many different stores, they are constantly being improved. Something that is trending now may already be outdated in a few short months. These constant changes make EDC gifts high in demand, but how do you know which one to choose for your loved ones and friends? Listed below are some of the best EDC gift items to wow your family during the holidays.

Casio G-Shock DW9052-1V Water and Shock Resistant Watch

I’m a watch guy personally, so I like having different watches for a variety of scenarios. I have my deployment watch, work watch, service uniform watch, and another one that I wear every day. One of my personal favorites is the Casio G-Shock, and it’s great for any professional. With it being both water- and shock-resistant, it’s a useful and affordable EDC gift.

Leatherman Wave Multitool with Sheath

Another key gift for the true EDC enthusiast is the multitool. Leatherman has redesigned its Wave multitool to include longer blades, reinforced pliers, and outside-accessible tools. This gift also comes with a sheath to make the EDC multitool easy to carry and allows for quick access when needed.

Rite In the Rain 3×5 Pocket Notebook Kit

You never know what the weather will bring. When you suddenly find yourself in rough or unpredictable weather, you need something that can withstand high winds and torrential rain. With this all weather writing kit, you have a notebook that holds up against the worst conditions, a pen designed to write on wet paper, and a cover to keep both items protected.

Gerber Recon Flashlight White/Red/Blue/Green LED

Who doesn’t need a flashlight stashed away in the vehicle for those unforeseen situations? However, not just any flashlight will do. You need one that is lightweight, durable, and highly functional. With multiple color options, the Gerber Recon can be used in any scenario.

Propper Padded Tablet Case

With current technology, and the ability to use tablets for almost any scenario, whether it be work or fun, having the right case for your tablet is important. This particular case is made using Cordura Nylon exterior and can fit tablets up to 10” wide. With elastic band security and MOLLE webbing, the ability to take this tablet with you anywhere you go is ensured.

5ive Star Gear Multi-Purpose Survival Tool

It’s important to note that EDC items should not be bulky and oversized, but still have the ability to perform multiple functions when needed. The 5ive Star Gear Survival Tool has an assortment of functions, while still fitting into your jeans pocket. It is also extremely affordable, making it the perfect EDC stocking stuffer. The multi-purpose survival tool comes with the following functions:

  • Sharpened knife edge
  • Serrated saw blade
  • Can and bottle cap opener
  • Ruler edge
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Two-position and four-position wrench
  • Butterfly wrench
  • Small lanyard hole
  • Compass bearing plate

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