August is Footwear & Foot Care Month

Your feet are probably your most important asset when it comes to daily operations. They get you where you need to go; they support you, and if they hurt – all of you hurts.

This month we’ll be exploring everything about your feet and what covers them, from your skin to your laces, and everything in between!

Some of the highlights this month include reviews of the uniform regulations for Air Force, Army, and Naval personnel. With the major changes coming to both Army and USAF regs, it’s not a bad time to review which boots you can wear with which uniforms. Our resident EMT will be covering the very important topic of foot hygiene, and our Army/fitness guru will share his tips on how to prevent and treat hotspots and blisters.

We’re also excited to feature some excellent contributions by a few guest writers! Andrew Slatter from FORM Insoles shares his knowledge about foot comfort when it comes to choosing the right type of insole. Eric Nuechterlein from Bates Boots helps you understand the features to look for in a boot based on the terrain you’re tackling. And OTB Boots’ Dan Ellis goes over sole designs and how various materials and tread patterns can make or break your op.

From ankle support to insulation levels, Paracord to drying out your boots, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover in August. Bookmark our Footwear & Foot Care category and check in during the month to catch the newest articles as we post them.

Happy rucking!

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