Army Wants More Female Soldiers, Adds New MOS PT Testing

Two new changes will be showing up at Army recruiting stations within the next few months: more female recruiters and a new gymnastic test that will be given prior to an applicant selecting a MOS. The new MOS-PT test, for lack of a better name, will be used to help applicants, both male and female, to learn which military jobs they are best suited for in physical fitness terms. The new tests will be given at local recruiting stations.

This new gymnastics test will include: jumping, running, weight lifting, and tossing a heavy ball. These tests will, supposedly, help both applicants and recruiters to determine which MOS’s the applicant will be able to handle in terms of physical core strength, endurance, and stamina.

To date, the Army has not yet settled on a scoring scheme for applicants, but says that using these predictive tests should help reduce attrition as applicants will be placed in jobs that they can physically do. All recruits will still have to take the usual aptitude tests as well as the physical evaluation given by the Army.

And, yes, these new tests are coming right on the heels of the Pentagon’s recent decision to open all combat jobs to women, which, in time, will include setting physical standards for all military jobs.

Women in the ArmyIt should be noted that men who fail the new tests for certain combat arms will not be allowed into them either. This is not about keeping only females out of highly physical jobs.

The tests are the result of a 3-year study in which the Army considered if it would be able to open all jobs, including combat arms, to females. The test included studies as to what physical demands would be placed on each soldier in that MOS under battlefield conditions. Also, the study looked at injury levels during the first few weeks of enlistment for both males and females.

Getting the tests up and running will cost the Army around $3 million for equipping its 1300 recruiting locations. The Army also wants to add more female recruiters, hoping to have at least one female recruiter at all of the larger recruiting stations. Of the 8800 Army and Army Reserve recruiters currently working, only about 750 of those are women.

The US Army Recruiting Command believes that by having more female recruiters to interact with female applicants, the task of bringing more females into the Army will become easier.

Army commanders have already said that they will need more females in leadership positions as mentors as the military moves through the many recent changes that it is experiencing. The Army is especially interested in getting more female leaders in drill sergeant positions as well as in platoon sergeant positions for new female soldiers who are going through basic training and advanced individual training.

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Robert Partain

Robert Partain has been a professional writer for over 25 years. He spent ten years on active duty in the Army working as a medic and training NCO. While he covers any topic associated with military life, he specializes in writing about legislation that can affect active duty service members and veterans. Robert currently lives in the small town of Arab, Alabama.
Robert Partain

3 thoughts on “Army Wants More Female Soldiers, Adds New MOS PT Testing

  1. More PC GARBAGE that only weakens the force and detracts from combat readiness. Females in combat arms? Fine. ONE PT standard for all. Nut up or shut up.

  2. I spent the last 9 years of my military career in an Army National Guard unit (full time) which ended in 2014. There were two different standards for men and women as well as age adjustments to the requirements for the PT tests. As a fifty something male at the end of my career, I could still outrun and out pushup most of the females in my unit. I understand the logic for setting different standards for the more physically demanding MOS areas but the minimum standards for things like infantry or Rangers should be the same no matter age of sex. I fixed helicopters and therefore didn’t have the time to be as fit as a Ranger but I would think that if a woman wanted to be a Ranger, she better be able to handle the chores. I also agree with ShinyBlackBoots.

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