Product Overview: Arc’teryx LEAF – Law Enforcement and Armed Forces Gear

If it’s time to evolve your tactical gear or it’s time to invest in some cold weather gear and uniforms, look no further than the Arc’teryx LEAF product line. Specifically made for Armed Service men and women, this tactical gear will get you through some pretty harsh outdoor environments. Without further ado, let’s dive into our Arc’teryx LEAF Product Line Review.


Arc’teryx Leaf Cold Weather Military Jackets 

Arc’teryx Leaf Alpha Jacket Gen 2

Perfect for cold and wet environments, the Arc’teryx Alpha Jacket Gen 2 is made to take on some harsh environments. The Alpha Jacket comes in both multicam and tan for tactical use and is constructed to easily layer over other cold weather tactical gear. It also weighs-in at just over one pound, meaning it’s easy to take on-the-go and the added protection won’t weigh you down.

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Arcteryx Alpha Gen 2The Alpha Jacket is composed of Gore-Tex BD450 3L 40d nylon ripstop and Gore-Tex L&F 3L 30d nylon weave. Essentially, what all those numbers amount to is that this jacket will protect you from just about anything—wind, rain and even snow.


Arc’teryx Leaf Cold WX Jacket LT Gen 2

Arcteryx Cold WX LT Gen 2Like the Alpha, the Arc’teryx Cold WX Jacket LT Gen 2 is a multicam lightweight jacket ideal for tactical and military use. Instead of Gore-Tex, the Cold WX is made from Climashield Prism Fiberfill, but still remains a lightweight jacket to protect from rain and wind. Like the Alpha, there’s lots of storage, as well. The upper arm zip pockets are easily accessible while wearing LCE. The jacket also features zip closure insulated hand pockets and a No Slip Zip neck closure, to keep you shut off from the elements. The big difference between the two is that the Cold WX Jacket doesn’t come with a hood.  


Arc’teryx Cold WX Parka SVX

Arcteryx Cold WX Parka SVKIf you liked the Arc’teryx LEAF Alpha Jacket or the Arc’teryx LEAF Atom and need something that can take on much colder climates, the Cold WX Parka SVX is a synthetic insulated windproof hooded parka perfect for the extreme. The parka features GORE-Tex 3L 30d nylon weave and Gore-Tex Windstopper 2L 40d, with Grey Goose Down. The hood is heavily insulated and compatible with goggles. The arm cuff features a Velcro closure with a glove interface sleeve to allow full disclosure with gauntlet-style gloves. Insulated and completely repellant, you’ll be able to brave any element, no matter if you’re law enforcement or part of a tactical operation.


Arc’teryx Military Gear

Arc’teryx Assault Pack 45

Arc'teryx Assault Pack 45Useful when conducting Direct Action tasks, the Arc’teryx Assault Pack 45 – pardon the pun – packs a ton of useful configurations. The aluminum stays are customizable to your back’s curve or when you’re wearing PPE. It also features a main compartment with communications porting to route external communications cables. It’s constructed using 500D Cordura weave to create a heavy-duty assault pack. Finally, it’s c.45I capacity, meaning it can be used as an assault pack.


Arc’teryx Combat Knee Caps

Arc'teryx Combat Knee CapsThere’s not much to a pair of solid knee pads or caps. They need to be durable and allow you to maintain full mobility. Thankfully, Arc’teryx Combat Knee Caps provide both. The thermoplastic shell creates an impenetrable barrier to protect you from impact and punctures. The anatomical design and elastic strap system keep the caps in place and enables unrestricted mobility. Plus, you can’t beat the price.


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Arc’teryx BAC Cap

Arc'teryx BAC Cap Gen 2Need a hat that’s breathable, easy to fit and has a customizable front? Add an Arc’teryx BAC Cap to your order. This time we’ll allow fashion over form.



NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

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