An American Day, For Me

As I write this delicate prose, (do you detect my note of sarcasm?) I am so very blessed to sit in a folding camp chair that no one actually uses for camping very often. We use these chairs most often at some picnic or sporting event. The latter is where I find myself using it today.

It is the middle of March and I am blessed to live more southerly than northerly. No offense to you Yankees, but I really do mean it when I say that I feel very blessed to live in the south; especially when I have just read in the last 24 hours that Boston has had somewhere around 110 inches of snow this year. Umm, that is 10 inches shy of 10 feet of snow. I live in an area that had less than 10American Day inches of snow for the entire year; not bragging just blessed.

My youngest daughter is having softball practice in the sunshine and warmer temps; at least enough that she can wear shorts and a tee shirt. The team is doing their warm-up stretches and counting out as they do. I am equally as comfortable, “just chilling.” It is the Monday after the NCAA Basketball Championship Selection Sunday and my team is “Numero Uno;” I can’t wait for their next game. For a Monday, it is an all-together better than okay day. As much as I am enjoying today, I have a twinge of guilt at how blessed I am and too often I take these simple pleasures for granted.

I can look at almost any news channel or website and realize that I am not alone, but that I may be in the minority. There are men and women across our nation and around our world that are in pain and/or suffering emotionally, physically, and mentally. Within the last week: 11 service members lost their lives in a helicopter crash over the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida during a training incident; in the on-going ignorant sage of Ferguson, Missouri, two police officers were ambushed and seriously injured while trying to protect the citizens of their community from yet another violent protest; in Los Angeles, two other officers were seriously wounded while out on patrol.

Maybe these stories don’t affect you like they do me, but I think that it should touch you in some way. I mourn, from a distance, and without personally knowing any of those that were lost or injured. I mourn them because of my appreciation for what they have sacrificed in the line of duty, and for the sacrifice that their families make so that they can.

Those men and women, and many of you reading this, are serving just like them; go out in the 110 inches of snow to ensure my safety, even when I act like an idiot and put others in danger. You serve so that I can have a day like today. You represent to me what is more right than not in our country. You give me hope for our future, and the future of the generations that will follow us.

How are you feeling today? I have a feeling of blessing and hope for America, I hope you do as well.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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