American Hero Chris Kyle Finally Getting His Due, Posthumously

Finally, nearly two years after Chris Kyle’s unfathomable and untimely death at the hands of a veteran, when an alleged PTSD sufferer murdered him and Chad Littlefield, the nation is honoring this modern day war hero.

TAmerican Sniper Posterhe recently released motion picture adaptation of Chris Kyle’s best selling autobiography American Sniper has wowed not only the box office world, but also moviegoers alike. By all media accounts from Kyle’s family, the movie is very close to the integrity of the written work. The American Sniper movie has brought in a $105.3 million in box office sales over the first four days of its release.

Those who truly appreciated Chris Kyle and what he did for our country, his fellow SEALs and other members of the United States Military and Coalition Forces, expressed their love for him and his sacrifices by buying his best-seller before his death in February of 2013. That appreciation extended to remembrances following his tragic demise and has been rekindled with the movie release. However, is it too little too late.

It is never too late to honor a hero, in fact; generally as a nation we have continuously honored our heroes with traditional holidays and such. The greatest insult surrounding Chris Kyle’s passing nearly two years ago was the insistence of the American President and seemingly all members of his cabinet and White House staff to essentially ignore the significance of this loss. As at least one writer put it, “Chris Kyle wasn’t Hollywood enough for the President.”  What about now? After $105.3 million dollars in Hollywood in only four days, is Chris Kyle Hollywood enough now?

Chris Kyle
Chris Kyle

With the outspoken, Pro-Conservative, Pro-Military stance of the movie’s director Clint Eastwood, without a doubt Chris Kyle’s memory is still not Hollywood enough for the American President. Thank God.

The Chris Kyle supporters, and the supporters of his family, still grieving following the premature death of their son, brother, husband, father, teammate, and friend, are speaking very loudly and very clearly to not only the nation, but in fact to the world. They are saying, “We appreciate heroes. We appreciate sacrifice. We appreciate those that are willing to lay down their life for another.” In essence they are screaming, “Despite everything that is distorted and wrong within our nation and throughout the world, we appreciate the men and women of the United States Military. The men and women who stand watch day and night. The men and women who leave their families behind for the 330 million plus they protect and serve. The men and women who fight, bleed, and die so that the rest of us might celebrate holidays without fear or thought.”

Finally, our modern military hero, a hero cut from the same cloth as Sergeant Alvin C. York, Lieutenant Audie Murphy and Carlos Hathcock is getting the recognition that he so richly deserves. However, I would garner that the hero of which I speak would more likely prefer to remain unknown and invisible, much as he was to the enemy he fought that made him the Legend.

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