Air Force General Hyten Tapped To Lead Strategic Command

September 8 was a big day for Air Force Gen. John Hyten as this was the day that President Barack Obama nominated him to be head of U.S. Strategic Command. He is currently commander of Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. His move still needs to be confirmed by the US Senate, and if his nomination makes it through the Senate, he will be replacing Adm. Cecil Haney.

The Pentagon, on this same day, announced that Lt. Gen. John Raymond will be promoted to rank of General and will assume command at Air Force Space Command. Lt. Gen. Raymond is currently the seniorAir Force operations officer at the Pentagon.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said of Gen. Hyten:

“Gen. Hyten is the perfect choice to lead this critical command in the years to come, as the men and women of STRATCOM carry out missions essential to our national defense — including sustaining nuclear deterrence through a safe, secure, and effective triad; helping defend our networks and deter malicious actors in cyberspace; and preparing for the possibility of a conflict that extends into space.”

air-force-gen-john-hytenHyten is a graduate of Harvard and has a degree in engineering and applied sciences.

Upon assuming command, Hyten will have his hands full as he will have to come up with plans to meet the enormous costs of modernizing the US nuclear triad of Trident nuclear submarines, strategic bombers, and  intercontinental ballistic missiles, all of which experts say are in dire need of upgrades or complete replacements.

To give readers some sense of the staggering amounts of money involved, here are a few planned projects:

The US wants to build 12 Columbia-class submarines between 2019 and 2042. These will replace the Ohio-class subs for carrying ocean-based nuclear weapons. The current estimated cost is $97 billion.

The US wants to replace the old Minuteman III missiles with new  intercontinental ballistic missiles at a cost of about $85 billion.

Lastly, a new fleet of bombers (designated B-21’s) are planned to be built by Northrop Grumman Corp. to replace the Boeing B-52 Stratofortresses. This is estimated to cost at least $80 billion.

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