6 Features of Tactical Pens

As a writer, I love a good pen. I am the type of writer who still enjoys writing on paper, and if I don’t have the right kind of pen that feels and looks good while I’m writing, I end up not enjoying the experience at all. Now, as a writer who is also a Marine, the only thing better than a good writing pen is a good tactical pen. With the proper tactical pen, there is an unlimited number of possibilities! Since it would be impractical to have an arsenal of tactical pens in the backseat of your truck so you can have one for every scenario, it’s important to be aware of the different kinds of tactical pen features for Every Day Carry (EDC).

LED Flashlight

While it’s a pretty basic feature, having an LED flashlight built into your tactical pen can come in handy. It eliminates the need to carry an additional item and provides a source of light that is easily accessible. Since you want to avoid having a bag full of EDC items, finding a tactical pen with a built-in flashlight provides a unique advantage. Finally, it’s always best to ensure that a proper energy source is kept on hand at all times, as you may need to replace batteries down the line.

Tactical Pens with a Knife

There are a number of tactical pens that come equipped with blades to help you cut through materials like rope and tape. Some can even be used as defensive weapons. Although not usually the length of a samurai sword, the normal small-tipped blades can come in handy when you least expect it. Many also come with quick replacement blades, much like an Exacto knife.


A tactical pen that can produce a flame is extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons. Some pens come with either a storage compartment to carry matches or fire-starting material, or they have a mechanism built in so the pen acts like a lighter. Sometimes, you may need to start a fire quickly, so this makes for a really great tool for emergency situations.

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Breaking Glass

With certain tactical pens being made out of high-grade materials like tungsten carbide or aircraft-grade aluminum, having the ability to easily break through glass can be an advantage. Whether you are trapped or need to get to someone behind glass, these pens are sturdy and perform their tasks well. With this type of durability and strength in a pen, it can also be used as a defensive weapon.

DNA Collection Tip

An additional unique feature is the ability to collect DNA. Having the ability to collect a DNA sample when being assaulted, for example, is a great feature to have. This is a technical type of world we live in, and having this feature on a pen would have been thought of as outrageous just a few decades ago. Now, it can be rather common that a SWAT member carries this type of pen, in case she finds herself in a situation where she might have to quickly take a DNA sample.


Similar to other multi-tool equipment, several different functions can be combined to create a multi-tool tactical pen. For example, a pen that can write, can puncture glass, and has a built-in LED flashlight has numerous possible uses.

As you can see, it’s important to recognize the different functions you think will benefit you the most and research for that specific type of tactical pen. What are your favorite features in your EDC pen?

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Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.


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