4 Myths About the Russian “Situation” in Ukraine

Talks of the crisis in Ukraine often bring to mind images of soldiers at the ready, tanks standing by, air support fueled and ready to strike; however, these are not Russia’s most valuable forms of attack. What has been a successful strategy employed by Putin is his ability to spread his propaganda and create alarm through informational warfare. He has been using a variety of sites such as Russia Today and associated blogs to play into his plan to put those receiving their updates through western media on high alert. This has led to false assumptions and erroneous information, just as Putin intended.

Myth 1. Ukraine is a country divided

Break_up_of_Ukraine_MapIt is a common assumption that the country is made up of Russian parts and Ukrainian parts, and these two demographics are completely split and unable to get along with one another. Political maps and linguistic maps have been shown to further demonstrate this split. This division is not unlike any other democratic country. Political lines are drawn, just as our country is split between Republicans and Democrats; however, this does not mean that the country does not consider themselves a cohesive unit and will not pull together in times of crisis. The same holds true for the divisions when it comes to linguistics, which tend to split along the same lines as the political divides. Even though the differences exist, the majority of the current interim leaders as well as past Presidents have been native Russian speakers.

Where divisions do exist in the country, they have been exploited and exaggerated. Countries will always have those extremists who do believe it is best to break away from the majority. However, for the majority, a strong united country will stand together when facing a threatening foreign power.

Myth 2. The interim government currently in Ukraine is unstable and corrupt

In truth, the former Ukrainian President’s own party turned against him and impeached him for corruption. The majority of the current Parliament is comprised of the same members that were seated before the change took place. The claim that the interim government lacks experience does not hold true due to the fact that the interim President and Prime Minister are both experienced politicians and former cabinet ministers.

Statements condemning Russian actions have been made by former Ukrainian Presidents. This same belief is representative of all of the leaders of Ukraine. They want to stand united and allow EU to help in the matter of warding off any Russian aggression.

Myth 3. Vladimir Putin has the advantage

The misconception that Putin is playing a good game and holding the advantage over his rivals is clearly not the truth. Economic sanctions by other countries have not even been put into effect and this still can be seen through the examples of the stock market’s fall and the necessity for the Russian government to boost the Ruble costing them approximately $10 billion. Even with Russia’s large economic reserve, it cannot sustain this type of assistance for more than a couple of months. The Russian elites, those providing the most support, have their money invested in western vacation homes, banks and schools. These luxuries will be quickly eliminated with the enforcement of economic sanctions against the country.

Russian military checkpoint near Chonhar, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine
Russian military checkpoint near Chonhar, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine

Myth 4. Russia’s military would be the clear victor over Ukraine

While Russia’s military is larger than that of Ukraine, it does not have its full military available to be used in this conflict. Troops are needed elsewhere in areas such as Georgia and Chechnya. Also, the majority of the Russian military are undertrained draftees. Ukraine, on the other hand, has a smaller yet better trained military force. They are also defending their homeland, which adds extra motivational incentive. Not to mention, one would hope they would have the support and assistance of the NATO forces.

Regardless of who appears to have the upper hand or who the clear winner would be, if war were to break out, the results would be extremely costly in regards to both blood and treasure.

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2 thoughts on “4 Myths About the Russian “Situation” in Ukraine

  1. With all do respect , but you way too naive about yor home counry !!! Cut the crap when America is the hero and Putin is the bed guy !!!! Only to judge by what you said you have no idea what is going on in Ukraine !!!!! The new president is just anothner ass , just another oligarch who was put there by american goverment. People are getting killed there every day and its been covered up by the ukranian goverment with the help of the west !!!!!!!! Ukranian goverment conrols very closely what is going to the media!!! 9 journalists from Russia were killed by the ukranian Goverment because they wanted to report what they saw !!!!! The sad about all this that nobody cares about the real people, its all basicly war for natural gas , and oil , and also the son of Joe Baiden is a CEO iin one of the bigest ukranian companies for natural gas !!!!!????? The new president trying to clear Eastern Ukraine because there is natural gas and all the production of Ukraine , and europe doest want Ukraine without the east !!!!!!!Before you give your opinion about people that not even consern you , educate yourself and think out of the box of american hero . And one more think for jeneral education, Russia would never invade Ukraine , which clearly the other side trying to push Putin very hard to do it . Putin is way smarter than that . The smartest thing that Putin could do is to take Crimea !!!!!!! Becouse if he would not then US and NATO would put their ships on his border !!!!!!!! Reserch about your home country, about falce flags , about 9/11 ‘ the vietnam war , jfk , world war 1 and 2, hiroshima and nagasaki , Then you will realize a different reality . And last thing , the fighters of the maidan in february of 2014 were trained by NATO and interstigly they were heroes by the eyes of the west because they served a purpose even though they killed like 300 people !!!!! But now the pro russians or Russian speaking people who dont like the new goverment kalled terrorists !!!! Lies are bieng told on all the news chanells, coruption and killing is what mostly Ukranian goverment covering up by using the strategy of “falce flag”

  2. The basic problem of Ukraine, which few “westerners” can and want to understand that Ukraine is a country so mishandled economically and socially under all forms and kinds of governments and presidents – it is just gangs and oligarchs fighting each other like factions and families in a political vendetta. Ukraine is a pure Soviet Product made up by the USSR in the 1920’s, in tsarist times the Ukraine was called Malorussia (Little Russia). However there have been indeed a ukrainian language and literature by masters like Shevtchenko and Ivan Franko and also Gogol, however he never wrote in Ukrainian language. Few peoples in the World are so married into each other like Russians and Ukrainians all over the ex-USSR, and they have for many reasons been called Twin peoples (like the Swedes and Norwegians). If Ukraine would be a member of NATO the Russian Army would probably immediately invade all of Ukraine. On the other hand NATO can’t take up new members with border and territorial disputes with other countries, like with Russia today – so the NATO exit is totally closed to Ukraine as it lokks by now. Also the Crimean population would now NEVER accept to be returned to the corrupted regime in Kyiv, after 25 years of social, economical and corruptive depression. The best for Ukraine would to let legally Krim/Krym (Crimea), Donetsk and Lugansk regions go away on their own, maybe annex to Russian Federation, as the populations there in many cases hate the Kiev central government. The basic problem number one in Ukraine’s present politics is the maltratment by central government for 25-30 years of the country’s economy, industry, social and political system and a country which has Europe’s worst corruption, on the level of African countries like Nigeria.

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