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2018 was a year of transition for many in the US armed forces. The Air Force announced a uniform changeover to OCP, while the Army is midway through their transition to OCP, which wraps up
September 30, 2019.

The switch to OCP with coyote accessories in both services had members updating their wardrobes, from undergarments to boots. Condor continues to be a popular choice, with five outstanding products that made it to our list.

Without further ado, here are our hottest products from 2018, in no particular order.

Reverse Flag Patch

Since all servicemembers are required to wear the US flag on their right shoulder, it’s no surprise that the Reverse Flag Patch makes our top ten list. In the field, the guidelines require a subdued flag, while on dress and utility uniforms, the full color flag is worn.


Our nametapes are custom sewn at our South Carolina headquarters, as well as at some of our off-post stores. They are available in several sets, and can be sewn onto a uniform at the time of order. In 2018, we created over 250,000 individual nametapes for our customers!

“You guys are awesome! Turn around time on name plates and anything else I need for my uniform is super quick. Placed my order, two days later it was at my front door. This is the third time I’ve ordered from USPT and their pricing and reliability is why I keep coming back.” – Nathaniel K., verified buyer

Dog Tags

Another staple of the servicemember’s kit, Dog Tags easily made their way into our top 10 list for 2018. We stamp tags at our South Carolina headquarters, and several of our retail stores also have equipment for making them on site.

Soffe Coyote Ts

Coyote tan undergarments are required for wear with the new OCP uniform, and Soffe’s t-shirt is the favorite choice of our customers. These 50/50 Ts quickly wick sweat away, are breathable and soft, and meet the requirements for both USAF and Army OCP wear.

“The shirt is extremely light and breaths very well. I instantly noticed the difference (stopped sweating all the time) between the basic issue DLA shirts I had bought at clothing and sales.” – Alex C., verified buyer

Condor Hats

Every uniform needs a cap, and Condor is heads above the rest when it comes to popularity among the enlisted. Three of their hats made it onto our list this year – the fleece watch cap, the contractor cap, and the mesh tactical cap. Available in a multitude of colors, the coyote brown version is OCP-compliant, and you can have a patch, rank, and/or nametape sewn onto the caps if desired.

Rothco Inspection Ready Beret

The name says it all! This Beret is made to exacting military specifications for a perfect presentation. The black nylon/wool blend is made to stand up to the elements, and it is preshaven to save you the hassle. Its regulation blue flash features a stiffener backing to help keep a flat face and crisp lines.

Nike SFB (Gen 2) Boot

The Nike SFB has been one of the world’s best-selling military boots for several years now, for good reason. It’s lightweight, comfortable, needs no break-in, and performs like your favorite pair of running shoes. The coyote color meets regulations for Air Force and Army wear with OCP uniforms.

“Straight out of the box, did an 8 mile road march. You can tell they were new for sure after the first couple miles, but overall they were great for a brand new boot that had never been worn before. Comfortable, true to size, and tough. I have had one pair of Nikes before, original SFB. These are definitely better designed. More ankle support and give it that more reliable boot feel versus a tennis shoe like the originals. Would definitely recommend these to anyone that does consistent field training and road marches.” – Garrett C., verified buyer

Oakley SI Light Assault Boot

Another extremely lightweight boot, the Oakley SI Light Assault features a molded EVA insert for superior stability on rough terrain. The 1000D Cordura and leather uppers are very durable, and wearers love the comfort and fit.

“My son is in Basic training at Fort Benning. He absolutely loves his new boots. The issued boots were “destroying” his feet. They arrived in time for his next ruck march, and during the sprint sections of the march he said he felt like he could fly. No more sore feet and the fit was perfect. Thank you on behalf of my soldier.” – Susan D., verified buyer

Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier

The Condor MOPC is our most popular vest because of its comfortable, customizable fit. The shoulders and cummerbund are easily adjustable, and Velcro pockets hold two 10×13 plates and two 6×9 side plates. MOLLE webbing and storage pockets allow the wearer to carry a variety of equipment.

“Very good quality with many adjustments for a perfect fit. Plenty of Molle webbing for customization and pouch placement. US Patriot was fast and customer service was excellent.” – Lawrence E., verified buyer

Condor Triple Stacker M4 Mag Pouch

Carrying extra ammunition is easy with the Condor M4 Mag Pouch. With room for up to six magazines, the open top design is easy to carry, attach to your gear, and access in a hurry. It’s also got MOLLE webbing on the front where you can attach additional gear.

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