2015 Annual NRA Meeting: New Slide Fire Stock

Jeremiah Cottle of Slide Fire
Jeremiah Cottle of Slide Fire

In the gun industry, it’s always a bonus to come across a company with a founder or team of veterans, and Slide Fire Solutions is just that. The company was founded just a few short years ago by United States Air Force veteran Jeremiah Cottle, whose love of guns led to his deciding to enter the gun industry after he left the Air Force. And while some refer to his stocks as “bump fire” stocks, there really is more to them than that.

Basic bump fire lacks control and accuracy, and those are two things Slide Fire delivers. At SHOT Show 2015, I was fortunate enough to be able to try out Cottle’s products, and I was impressed. Not only do Slide Fire’s stocks allow for control and accuracy but they give you the fun of the “giggle switch” without the need for stamps. Before Slide Fire was first introduced to the market, it was presented to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and it passed their standards for legal, non-NFA sales without a hitch. Slide Fire stocks allow shooters to unleash upwards of 900 rounds a minute, and I don’t have to tell you how much fun that is.

Slide Fire 1The company has taken off at record speed, selling far and beyond Cottle’s original hopes and expectations. This year they’ve gained an extra edge thanks to the nationwide chain Academy beginning to carry the stocks in their stores, and it isn’t just Academy that’s taken notice; Cabela’s will also begin carrying Slide Fire stocks this year. Cottle has received thousands of orders from the national chains, and he’s happy to fill them.

Slide Fire 3At this weekend’s annual NRA meeting I was able to chat with Cottle and take a closer look at their newest stock, the SSAR-15 MOD. So what makes this stock stand out above others? When designing the new stock Cottle took customer’s requests and feedback seriously, implementing multiple features he’d been asked for as his stocks have gained popularity. The new stock includes the ability to adjust length of pull between 6 settings, an ambidextrous finger rest, and a semi-auto setting. It also has a sanoprene butt rest and grip for greater comfort. Of course, one feature sure to be a hit is the lockdown switch which enables shooters to lock the stock into position for those times they’re not using their gun for rapid fire. The new design also promises less play and better ergonomics. It mounts comfortably to the shooter’s shoulder, resting snugly with just enough padding to provide an extra buffer against recoil without dulling the shooter’s ability to control the gun. And need I mention the fun factor again?

The SSAR-15 is due to hit the shelves of a gun store near you in late May 2015. It’s being made for ARs and AKs and has a black finish. MSRP is $299. This is a great product, and it’s one created by a veteran.

Take a look at the company’s website at www.slidefire.com.

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Katherine Ainsworth

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