14 Important Boot Features for Various Terrains

Different terrains call for many different attributes in your footwear! Each unique landscape brings a different test for your feet. From rocks to pavement, from sand to asphalt, we will explore the different features to look for in your everyday tactical footwear.

We’ve broken it down into two different categories: all terrain and urban. Each terrain brings with it its fair share of differences and demands. Below are seven important features to look for in your next pair of boots when the terrain is a consideration.

What to Look for in All Terrain Tactical Boots

  • Look for a lug system outsole that offers you versatility for all kinds of terrains (rocks, sand, jagged edges, etc.)
  • Make sure there are molded reinforcements on the boot to provide you the extra ankle support necessary for all-day wear
  • The nylon panels in the boot should be durable and abrasion resistant
  • The lacing system should allow for quick adjustability as the foot shape is affected by the temperature and activity – a speed lacing system is highly recommended!
  • They should have strong upper materials that don’t wear easily and are ready to tackle any environment or field conditions you expose them to
  • Look for increased padding around the collar and Achilles notches for added comfort and flexibility on uneven terrain
  • A taller boot will give you increased support on varying terrain plus protection from the elements

Important Features of Urban Boots

  • First and foremost, look for a comfort-based product
  • Base your search around products with EVA platforms, wedge outsole designs, and comfort technologies
  • Look for a durable rubber outsole with a tread design that gives you grip on multiple surfaces (concrete, asphalt, brick, etc.)
  • Ventilated materials are key; they offer more breathability in the upper of your boot
  • Make sure there are molded reinforcements on the boot to provide you extra ankle support for all-day wear
  • The boot leathers should be easy to maintain and ones that can handle multiple environments, including waterproof options
  • A lower height boot will provide more breathability and increased mobility for all-day wear, and more options for styling

This will be a great launching point to help in your decision for footwear. We know that you spend anywhere from 8-12+ hours a day on your feet, and these tips will help you find that perfect pair to make your job a little easier!

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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