10 Types of Gun Safes

Nobody has to tell you that it’s more than a gun that protects your home and family from intruders—it’s knowing how and when to use that gun, as well as how to keep it accessible to you and no one else. That’s why gun safes are so helpful. With a gun safe, you have a reliable way to lock up and protect your gun from unauthorized use, be it from kids, untrained users or burglars. With a lockable gun safe, you have a way to keep your weapon out of the wrong hands, while still being able to get to your gun when you need it. So how do you select the right gun safe for your needs? Today’s market has many options available. Here are 10 to consider!

  1. Gun SafesCombination Lock: One of the most classic gun safes on the market is the kind that operates with a combination lock. While combination locks take more time to open, they typically last longer than alternative lock types.
  2. Biometric Lock (also known as a Fingerprint Safe): Use this safe when you want the utmost in personalized security. Rather than relying on a combination or key, the biometric safe uses your unique fingerprint to allow access. That means nobody but you (and other authorized users with their unique fingerprints) can get to your gun.
  3. Dual-Lock: A dual-lock safe offers double security through dual locks, both of which have to be opened in order for your gun to be accessible.
  4. Electric Lock: Typically considered more convenient than dial locks, safes with electronic locks allow for quick opening. They often have built-in safeguards that lock out users after a certain number of incorrect attempts. On the downside, electronic lock gun safes typically run into extra complications and technical problems than their more manual counterparts.
  5. Key Access: Gun safes with key access require you to carry a specific key in order to open them, which can be both convenient and more of a security risk. If the key gets in the wrong hands, your security can be compromised.
  6. In-Wall: In contrast to portable safes that can be moved to various locations, the in-wall gun safe gets positioned directly in the wall where it cannot be taken or transported. While making your gun(s) stationary limits some convenience, it does add stability. Most in-wall safes have either turn, electric or fingerprint locks to get access. They also come in various sizes to accommodate different numbers of weapons.
  7. Fireproof: Even steel safes can be penetrable by fire, which is why a fireproof safe adds extra security that can be invaluable for your firearms. Designed to stand up against fire damage, a fireproof safe protects your weapons even in a disaster situation. This option usually has a turn lock or an electric keypad.
  8. Waterproof: On the flipside of fire damage is flooding and other water issues that can potentially affect your safe, its security and its contents. Waterproof safes are designed to be resilient against water damage, protecting your weapons in the process.
  9. Small Size: When you are looking to secure a small pistol or handgun, a small gun safe is a good option. Small safes are easier to transport and store, and they come with different kinds of locks, from fingerprints to electronic keypads.
  10. Stack On: When you own a lot of guns, you need a larger security solution, and that’s where something like the stack-on gun safe comes in handy. This device can hold more than 22 guns, in rows, along with other valuables.

When you own a gun, it’s important to use that gun responsibly— and that means keeping it locked away when not in use. Consider the 10 types of gun safes in this post and select the kind that is best for your situation!

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  1. Hello, My name is Pamela Miller. I am a neighborhood watch president for my community. We would like to have a guest come to one of our upcoming meetings and teach our community about gun safety. Would your organization be able to provide a class like this? Or do you know another Organization that might be able to. I live in Grandview, Missouri. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide in this matter.

  2. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of gun safes. My brother knew how much I wanted a safe, so he got me a gift card for Christmas. I was so excited, but now I need to figure out which one is best for me. I had no idea there were so many options for safes. I will have a lot of fun with this decision.

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